Stress Less this Summer

Although the school year may be complete, that doesn’t mean there aren’t things in your life that cause you to freak out. Summer romance, jobs, and family strife can add stress to what would otherwise be a carefree season. With psychology research making a switch from what’s wrong with you to what’s right, there has been more and more research done of the power of positivity and meditation.
Meditation, mindfulness, or breathing exercises are nothing new. Whatever you choose to call it, this practice of emptying the mind has been around for centuries.

If you are a newbie to meditation start small. Even 10 minutes a day can give you major benefits. Sit somewhere comfortably without your back leaning against anything, this could be on the floor, cushion, or edge of a couch or chair. Once seated bring all your attention to your breath. Focus on breathing in and out and how it makes your body move and feel. Your mind is bond to drift and when it does don’t judge yourself, just calmly bring your focus back to your breathing. It sounds easy, but truly becoming conscious of your every breath and therefore practicing bringing much more mindfulness to every activity in your life can be tricky at first. Stick with it and start to increase your time up to 30 minutes a day.
Meditation can cause you to sleep better, eat less, and stress way less, all which allow you to live a much longer and healthier life. Don’t knock it before you try it and once you do reap the benefits of less negative self-talk and more appreciation for the present moment.

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