Stress Relief

We all wish we could hit the spa every time we need a little ‘me’ time or a rejuvenation session, but as college students it’s just not within our budgets. Think back to your elementary school years: remember all those at-home masks and foot scrubs? You can do the same thing, and probably benefit from it more now that your life is filled with a lot more stress. There are plenty of ways to hit the reset button and prepare yourself for another stressful week, here are just a few:
When you get up in the morning, throw in a short yoga session or just stretch. Loosen up those muscles, get your blood pumping, and get energized. A little energy always helps reduce your stress—it helps you check things off your to-do list naturally (without three cups of coffee…). To treat yourself beyond the stretching, add a little eucalyptus oil at the base of your nose (above your lip) before you get into the shower, or use an energizing shower bomb or other scented oil to wake yourself up. Finally, when you get out of the shower, give yourself a mini facial by spending a little extra time rubbing in your moisturizer and paying special attention to your temples, brow bones, and underneath your cheekbones.
If it’s the weekend and you have an hour to yourself, treat yourself to a luxurious bath. Be a little cliché and grab some candles, a novel, and bath oil or bubble bath. Bath bombs are fun too! Just lay back and relax for a little while and try to forget about everything you have to do. Give yourself a short break, and you’re guaranteed to return to work rejuvenated.
When you get home from class or work, relax with a face mask and some chilled cucumbers over your eyes, and again do a little yoga. Let yourself relax, and then get your body moving again with some easy poses so you can hit the books with a fresh mind. Or, do something as simple as taking the time to paint your nails and moisturize your hands and feet while catching up on this week’s episode of your favorite show. Just take a little time to relax before moving onto your homework or other responsibilities and you’ll keep your sanity for just a little longer.
Short on time and yet desperately need a release? Try meditation: for just a few minutes, sit comfortably in a quiet space and relax every muscle in your body, from your toes to your head. At the same time, focus on just your breath. Let everything else go. Once you have reached the top of your head, open your eyes and continue on with your day. This helps you to be more mindful and in the present. You could also do a simple child’s pose for a few minutes, and again focus on your breathing.
Don’t let yourself go through a day frazzled and anxious, there are many ways to de-stress at home for very little money. And if worse comes to worst, pick up a mug of tea and try to close your eyes for a few minutes. Then go on with your day!

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