My experience in college

Shantelle Stotts is a native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and a senior at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical (A&T) State University majoring in Journalism and Mass Communications (JOMC) with a concentration in Public Relations. While attending A&,T Shantelle has interned with A&T’s Sports information department for three years, has written for both A&T’s newspaper and the JOMC journal. While writing articles for the newspaper and online magazine, she had the chance to interview Espn’s Around the Horn’s Bomoni Jones and Major League Baseball’s Senior Diversity Director, William T. Rolack, Sr. One of her biggest accomplishments is helping to form the Aggie Media Group, a student-run, campus-based public relations firm which she now produces of two radio shows for; Halftime with Coach Cy Alexander and Tip-off with Coach T. Rob, head men’s and women’s basketball coaches of A&T. She also interns with Guilford College’s Athletic Department and new contributor for Admitopia. In addition, she has some freelance public relations work for an upcoming artist, Shana Valre’. Shantelle is an aspiring Sports and Entertainment Publicist.

Just when I though Senior year was going to be a breeze, I was thrown a curveball. This is the year that I could not wait to get here, the time when I though I would just coast through college. Boy, was I wrong!

It seems like every time I turn around I have to fill out some form of paperwork, pay a fee toward graduation, or study of an exit exam. Who know graduating was so expensive and stressful! I thought my tuition and class curriculum covered everything, with the exception of my cap and gown.

As if trying to find the perfect in the perfect city with the perfect salary wasn’t hard enough, I actually I have to do school work. For some odd reason I was living in a fantasy world, thinking I would only have to attend class, maybe a few online test and produce my radio shows during my final semester.

I actually have to write papers! In my mind I think everyday, “What was my teacher thinking, doesn’t she know that I am a senior? I don’t want to do this! She must not understand I am trying to find a job! I don’t have the time for this!” Sadly, I had to snap into reality and tell myself, “Shantelle, you have do this, if you don’t you won’t be graduating and that’s not an option.”

And I complained about freshman year being a struggle, what was I thinking!

I think getting out of college is harder than getting into college. I can remember only paying for my application fee and the suspense of waiting for my acceptance letter. Now, I have graduation application fees, paperwork deadlines, important meetings, cap and gown, announcements, and pictures. I feel like my money is just flying out of the window.

Although it sounds as if I’m complaining, I wouldn’t trade this moment for anything in the world. Senior year has helped me to develop my best self yet. It has taught me to become more organized, more prioritized with time and money, and not the mention the great opportunities that have come my way.

I am the producer of two radio shows featuring both the men’s and women’s head basketball coaches of North Carolina A&T, an internship with Guilford College, two job interviews in Atlanta, Ga., and now a contribute for Admitopia.

Now that I think about it, I am wondering why I don’t have more grey hair with everything on my plate. But I must say, it has truly been an amazing senior year thus far.

Even though I’ve said my senior year has been amazing, I must say I am ready to move onto the next chapter.

I find myself getting a little bored now because I believe I have reached the maximum of what college will teach me. I’m ready to learn some new skills, face new challenges, and show my creative ability.

I’m ready to start a career at a company that I absolutely love and absolutely love what I do. But first, I have to complete my course assignments.

May 9th here I come!

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