Student Council: A Way to Make a Difference on Campus

Are you happy with the way your college is run? Perhaps you have ideas that would make life better for fellow students. Do you want to see changes like a safer campus, longer hours at the library or lower tuition? Maybe a seat on student council is where you should be! Here are a few tips for getting elected to a government body that looks out for students.

Find a problem and offer a solution

In your campaign, it’s not enough to tell voters that you are a great person. You have to tell them exactly how you are going to improve their college life. The best way to do this is identify a problem that many students face and offer a way to make it better. Money is something that resonates with most people so if you can find a way to help protect students’ bottom line, you will very likely get their attention.

Assemble a hard-working campaign team

Running for an election is no easy task and it’s not for the faint of heart. You certainly don’t want to go it alone, so gather up as many friends and supporters as possible to help you out. They will need to make posters, help you write speeches and talk to other voting students on your behalf. This is time consuming work and builds up to an almost round the clock task leading up to election day.

Be prepared for controversy

All politics, including campus politics, can be a bit of a blood sport. You have no choice but to be prepared for attacks. Opponents will poke holes in your arguments, cast doubts on your ability to lead and even take cheap shots at you as a person, all to steal away a few votes. A strong campaigner and leader will never let this bother him or her. Or if it does, they don’t let it show! It’s all part of the game so try your best not to take things to heart.

Keep to the high road

As much as you will be dodging dirt from your mud-slinging opponents, it’s best not to sink to their level. Students are looking for someone who can get the job done, not someone who can bring down their opponents. Resist the temptation to engage in nasty debates and let your good ideas shine through.

Don’t let your voters down

Hopefully your campaign will be successful and the voters will reward you with a seat on the student government. But this doesn’t mean your work is done! You owe it to your supporters, volunteers and electors to ensure you carry out your promises. Be a good leader that people can look up to and be proud to help represent them. This job may not pay but you will have the satisfaction of making a difference on campus for the students of today and tomorrow.

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