Study Abroad in Geneva

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Spending a portion of your time in college abroad can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. It is always important to learn about other cultures and ways of life but you can only gather so much from conversations with other people, in books or from scouring the Internet. Immersing yourself in another world, by living in a foreign country, is the best way to understand another way of life. If you are looking for an amazing French speaking country that will give you an all-around wonderful study abroad experience, Switzerland is the perfect place for you.

Why Switzerland?
Switzerland is arguably the most beautiful country in Europe. There are amazing lakes, the Swiss Alps that cover over 65% of the country and its home to the famous Matterhorn. With so many beautiful natural backdrops, every inch of Switzerland looks like an amazing postcard! There is not a better country to visit if you love the outdoors and winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding. It is also an amazing place to go if you are interested in a career in technology or the sciences. Switzerland has always been progressive when it comes to advancements and technological research and is the home to CERN – The European Organization for Physics Research. Geneva is also home to the largest Particle Physics Laboratory in the world. In addition to the natural beauty and large intellectual community, Switzerland is also known for their nightlife, delicious restaurants and music festivals throughout the year. And who can forget about the fantastic cheese and chocolate?

One of the top things to consider when selecting a country to do your study abroad is the language. While there are several countries around the world that speak English, use your time abroad to either learn a new language or to make your proficient skills fluent. Switzerland has four official languages including German, French, Rumantsch and Italian due to its location being sandwiched between Germany, France, Austria and Italy. With both of the major cities, (Zurich in the German area of Switzerland and Geneva in the French section of the country), Switzerland gives you many options when deciding on where to study. However, Geneva is the place to be if you are eager to parler vous francais. Being fluent in more than one language will help you in whatever profession you go into after graduation and immersing yourself in another language is the most effective way to learn. You could have several years of a high school foreign language and maybe even a few college classes, but the best French class that you will ever have is a significant period of time spent in a city like Geneva.

Geneva has a high amount of traffic from visitors from all over the world. As the home to the United Nations, The World Health Organization and the International Red Cross, Geneva can be considered an international hub. Any time of the year, people from all over are visiting for business or personal reasons adding to the diversity and unique atmosphere in this city (often confused as the capital of Switzerland). Geneva is a very chic, cosmopolitan city with fantastic gourmet restaurants, five star hotels and amazing boutiques. And with France as their direct neighbor, it will be convenient for you to have awesome weekend trips. Switzerland is the ideal place that will allow you to exhaust as many experiences out of your time abroad.

Studying in Geneva, Switzerland would be an experience you would want to last forever. It will be one of the highlights of your college experience. Amusez-vous bien!

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