Study hard

It’s extremely easy to grab a bag of chips, other junk food and an energy drink to get you through a long night of cramming before a major exam – but this is going to do more damage to your productivity than you may realize.
Cramming is not effective to your studying habits once you reach college. In high school, you were given tests frequently and the content that you were tested on probably didn’t go too in depth. That is not the case in college. Some courses give you only two exams throughout the semester – a midterm and then the final. That is a lot of material to cover and it is a lot of material to make sure you have at least some general understanding of.
A major tip to succeeding on college level exams is to study really hard for your first exam. Some classes have material in the following exams that builds off of everything that you learned in the first exam. Starting your semester off on a high note will make the rest of the semester slightly easier because you won’t be stressed out about getting even higher grades to make up for one low one. Also, the first exam of the semester is usually the easiest one out of all of the exams that you take throughout the semester.
Another way to succeed at college exams is to study more than one day in advance of the testing day. Beginning to review materials a couple days before the test will help you retain information easier than if you were to cram the night before.
Spend some time recopying your notes, creating flashcards and attending study sessions. Putting in theses efforts will pay offs. Also, don’t be afraid of asking for help on the concepts that you don’t understand.
Overall, your study habits from high school are not going to cut it anymore. The feeling of getting a good grade on an exam is a much better feeling than receiving a bad grade.

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