What to study?

Caitlin is a singer and an actress in Los Angeles, California. She earned two bachelors degrees from The Ohio State University in Theatre and History of Art. While attending OSU, she was president of History of Art Undergraduate Society and heavily involved in theatre productions. Caitlin also enjoyed being a resident advisor one year of her college experience and has plenty of stories to tell.

Going into my freshman year of college, I was a people pleaser. I knew my dad would be proud of me if I studied Environmental Science. I loved nature and the environment, but my passion was in the arts. The art museum was one of my favorite places to visit. I had been involved in theatre since I was five. I had played violin since I was nine. In high school, I was in multiple honorary orchestras while starring in our high school’s plays and musicals. In the summers, I was a historical reenactor for the War of 1812. I was prepared to be a performance artist or an art historian, but I did love camping and I loved my dad. (still do!) My interest in the performing arts only intensified by studying a subject for which I did not have an equal passion. Sitting one day in my Environment and Natural Resources 202 class, I realized that the young man sitting in the front row waxing poetic about different types of plants was expressing the same love I had for acting and music, but concerning nature. I suddenly realized that environmental science was going to be a long rough road for me. Everyday, I was attempting to convince myself that environmental studies was my path because it would please my family. Studying for tests was a chore. Walking to class became more and more difficult. Then, I got a C in Chemistry 123. Not an easy class, but I could have gotten an A. That is when I decided I needed to be my own person and study what I felt I was meant to study: the arts. Because I felt like studying one of the subjects I loved would be too easy, I took on a double major in Theatre and History of Art. Suddenly, studying was exciting. I was gaining in depth knowledge about subjects in which I was deeply interested. I graduated on time three years later with two bachelor’s degrees, a head full of ideas and a heart ready to take on “the real world.” Since university, I have moved away from my home state to follow my dreams of working in the entertainment industry. I will never look back and I could not be happier. College is not about earning the degree your parents want you to have. College is about expanding your horizons and opening your eyes to new ideas and learning about yourself as an individual. You might as well have fun studying and learning. You will have a thirst for knowledge instead of watching the clock and counting down the days until summer break. I encourage everyone to follow their passion. Even if it means you might have to continue your education passed undergraduate studies to be qualified to get a job. But, then you will get to learn even more about the subjects you love! Your spirit will thank you and so will your family. Happiness is contagious.

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