Studying Abroad

Himan Patel, who attended the University of Central Florida, is a developer who strives to create something from nothing. Through college, he was exposed to various aspects of the technical field that he enjoyed. He has a passion for learning and utilizing new technologies and continues to work toward mastering them. Any opportunity that he sees to grow, he’ll take it. As a programmer, developer, and writer, he is constantly looking for ways to contribute to the technical and educational fields.

While in college, most students would like to experience education in another country. Unfortunately, I was not able to make the most of the opportunity while it was available. If you are passionate about learning other cultures, exploring other countries, and still continuing your education, studying abroad is a great way of doing it. Most college and universities provide resources for students who are interested. I personally know a few people who have studied abroad and made memories to last a lifetime.
The journey from the moment you leave your home to the moment you return is an important chapter of your life. Whether you’re travelling to Europe, Scotland, Spain, or France, you will experience different cultures first hand and create close friendships with people you’ll never forget. You may even realize that kids your age deal with the same struggles that you do at home; there will be similarities. It will be easy to get caught up in the moment because everything will be like something new. Being in a foreign place for vacation is one thing, but living there for a semester is another. You’ll have to adapt to the weather, the food, the language, and the people.
The education systems around the world are different from that in America. The number of hours a week for classes and school can differ drastically. The experience of the different courses could have a major impact on your future. Some countries don’t have many “busy work” courses, which gives the student real practical knowledge in critical topics. Students can compare the education systems with that to America, and they can see the difference as to what methods work or which methods would be better to implement as opposed to other methods. Also, it opens your eyes as to how you learn most efficiently. Education is different around the world; it would be an amazing experience to learn material from other perspectives.
Aside from the education, the social aspect of studying abroad is quite important. As most students know, college is more than simply academics. The people you meet will shape your life before you realize in what way. Their perspective and outlook on growing up and the future could have an impact on your own. Whether it’s sight-seeing or night-life, the social aspect would definitely be something to experience.
Personally, I would have liked to study in Australia. Their universities are reputable and the scenery is breathtaking. Taking courses at an Australian university would give me a means to compare the different forms of education in different countries. Of course the language barrier is going to be there, but it would be an opportunity to learn something new! I’m all for learning new things; learning should never end even when you’re “done” with school. Above all, studying in Australia would give me an opportunity to be a part of the rich Australian culture. Learning about different cultures is extremely interesting to me. There are certain norms in certain cultures that aren’t true for others. Experiencing how cultures view certain things would definitely be something to learn.
Ultimately, studying abroad is something that everyone should consider in my opinion. There are always opportunities out there if you really want to do it; colleges and universities have resources available for you. You need to grasp the chance when you have it. Spending a semester in another country, learning their culture and language, and being a part of a new way of learning is an experience that you will take with you forever.

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