Best countries to study abroad in high school

I am born and raised in Sydney, Australia and currently a junior commerce and arts student at University of New South Wales (UNSW), but I am currently on exchange in USA. I’m a triple major in marketing, accounting and Japanese studies with minor in Chinese studies. My whole life from when I was 5 years old until I graduated from high school in 2010, I have been a professional tennis athlete as well as being on a music scholarship at my private high school, Methodist Ladies College. My highest international ranking for tennis was 750 and national ranking of 51. I played piano, French horn, mallets and drums as well as doing composing (theory exams).
When I graduated from high school I did not know what I wanted to do, so I took a year off to continue to play tennis professionally on the women’s circuit. When I was back in Sydney and not playing tournaments, I would go to different colleges and classes in Australia to try to figure out what I wanted to study and what academic career path I wanted. I attended engineering classes, business classes, science classes, psychology classes, media classes and every possible class I had interest in.
At the end of 2011, I decided I would take up a double degree in Bachelor of Commerce and Arts as I wanted to study business as well as studying two languages (Chinese and Japanese). I choose UNSW because received an elite athlete scholarship from UNSW for tennis and they had the best business program in the country.
At the end of my frenchman year at UNSW, I received an auditing internship offer for 2 months at Chartered Accounting of England and Wales (ICAEW). Before I started my internship, I did a month of Chinese language school at BICC (Beijing International Language College) to prepare myself for the internship, challenge myself with a new language as well as transferring credits back to UNSW for my Chinese minor. After I completed this internship and language school I went back to UNSW for a semester and then attended Hong Kong University of Science and Technology for summer school in 2013 (June-August). I studied and transferred back Chinese language and linguistic studies to my Chinese minor. Soon after I did that, I went to Korea for a summer school as well studying Korean language and culture at EWHA Women’s University in 2013 (August). I did these programs as I receive tuition waivers as I was selected as the few students to go from UNSW. Soon after my studies in Korea, I went to Japan for a semester study abroad at Rikkyo University (St Paul’s University) as I received a scholarship from Rikkyo University. There I completed 9 subjects and a Chinese proficiency test, while being actively involved in many circles and clubs.
After successfully receiving high grades at Rikkyo University, I came back to UNSW for a semester in March 2014. Straight after I completed the semester I was selected to go to Copenhagen Business School in Denmark for summer school where I completed and transferred back 2 marketing courses. Currently, I am on scholarship at Northern Arizona University (NAU), taking 19 credits and working on campus as a Career Steps Coordinator. My role in my current job is to help students figure out what they want to do after they graduate and promote our career workshops to students. I am currently studying Japanese, Accounting, Economics and Marketing at NAU. I am also heavily involved in the NAU Tennis Club, which requires us to travel to different colleges to compete.
After I complete my studies at NAU in December, I will begin my marketing internship at Leagueapps in New York City. My role is at Leagueapps is a “international marketing coordinator”, which involves promoting their business internationally, starting with Australia and New Zealand.
Furthermore, I fund all my expenses myself including my study abroad programs and travel expenses.

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