Studying Abroad in England

My name is Meizahn Habib. I was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. I am receiving my bachelor of arts, honors, in gender studies at Queen’s University. I have the travel bug, and I love going on adventures. My other interests include vegan cuisine, fitness, and environmentalism.
It is such a privilege to be able to receive a post-secondary education. What’s even more amazing is the fact that you can receive an education almost anywhere in the world, online or in person! As a native Canadian, one of the best things about studying abroad for a semester is escaping the harsh winters. I can vouch for the lack of cold definitely boosting my concentration and energy levels. Escaping to a new country really helps you break out of the monotony of the same routine, every day, and as a student, it’s really refreshing to get out of that comfort zone.
While you can travel practically anywhere for a semester abroad, England is a beautiful country filled with educational opportunities, culture, and recreational activities. One of the best parts about studying in a European country is the advantage to travel and explore within the continent. It is cheap, affordable, and timely to do so, so aside from being educated through your university or college, you truly are able to become a citizen of the world and expand your horizons by visiting other European countries in your spare time! France, Spain, Ireland, Scotland – the world, or should I say, continent, is your oyster! Seriously, Europe is your backyard. Explore, learn, and love!
For first time travellers and students who have not done a semester abroad before, England is a great country to start in if English is your native language. Getting thrown into a country where locals speak a different language is a really humbling and amazing experience, because the immersion forces you to learn how to communicate. But for first timers, it can be frustrating enough as you’re away from family and friends. On that note, Skype and Facetime are your best friends when feeling lonely and homesick. Even with apps like Snapchat, it’s easy to share your experiences with loved ones as you travel! We’re lucky to live in a time where digital technology makes it so easy to travel and communicate with others miles away.
England is a truly remarkable country that boasts so much history and education. There are the Roman Baths, a beautiful site that puts into perspective what it was like to bathe in public back in the day! The Eden Project boasts botanical gardens and art while encouraging sustainability and environmental consciousness. And if you’re a fan of architecture, you can’t miss out on York Minster, one of the most beautiful cathedrals in the country. You will never get bored in England, and even on your time off from studying, I promise you will be immersed in education your entire visit. Don’t forget to try the fish and chips!
- Meizahn

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