Religion courses online


Religion is a very hot topic these days, especially with religious conflicts causing trouble in many parts of the world. Religion affects national policies, how people vote, dietary practices, attitudes toward medicine, and even shopping practices. Studying religion online is an excellent way to help you understand different cultures and viewpoints both in the United States and around the world.

Why should I study religion online?

Most people who study religion do so merely because they are interested in it. But religion is a powerful influence in human interactions and experiences, and understanding religion helps us better understand the human condition. It also helps us comprehend the motivations and actions of a large number of people worldwide.

What types of online religious studies programs are available?

Religious studies programs are unique among college degree programs because they come in so many different types. Some bachelor’s degree religious studies programs are geared toward students who wish to enter seminaries or other schools that will prepare them to become religious leaders. For example, in the United States there are a variety of schools that offer degree programs that specialize in Roman Catholic or protestant education. Other schools offer more generalized religious studies programs that are not geared toward a particular religion.

Students in both types of programs must complete basic college requirements, including English, history, and quantitative courses including math. Degree programs that specifically prepare students to enter careers in the Christian ministry study the Bible, including courses in the Old and New Testaments and the teachings of Jesus, as well as practical skills like public speaking. More well-rounded degree programs include courses in world religions and theologies, as well as on religious issues such as the role of women in religion, human sexuality, and so on.

In addition to bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees and professional certificates in religious studies are also available online.

What can I do with a religious studies degree?

Religious studies degrees teach students to think critically and analytically, which are essential skills in every field. These degrees specifically prepare students for careers in the ministry, as teachers, and as counselors. Most of the careers in this area require students to earn a graduate degree. Students interested in other career paths often pursue an interdisciplinary degree, combining religion with another field, such as political science, history, or business.

How long will it take me to earn a religious studies degree online?

It usually takes about four years to earn a bachelor’s degree online, but that can be shortened if you have any transfer credits or opt for an accelerated degree program.

If you are interested in becoming a religious leader in your community, or simply want to understand more about the world we live in, take some time to explore your options for earning a religion degree online.

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