Fashion trends for college girls

My name is Megan Bender and I am from Buffalo, NY. I graduated from Johnson & Wales University in 2013 with a Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Merchandising and Retail Marketing. Currently I work as a supervisor in a high-end retailer but in my spare time I like to write about fashion and all the latest trends. I fell in love with fashion and writing during an internship I had with a well-known wedding magazine. From then on I have kept up with the fashion industry by doing personal research on what’s new and hot in the style world. Fashion is an ever- changing art that is relevant in all aspects of the world. By sharing my love and interest I hope my passion is emulated amongst others.

Ringing in the New Year holds several meanings for many different people. While for some people it may mean new outlooks on life with endless possibilities, others including myself may think new style, new trends, and a new wardrobe. A whole new year to explore new fashions and experiment with different looks. 2015 is all about mixing textiles and being innovative with patterns as well as basic pieces that you may already have in your closet. Taking risks in fashion is admired and 2015 is the year to capture your inner Fashionista.
Incorporating multiple textiles and textures in one outfit creates definition and a uniqueness that can be easily assembled. Since winter is still upon us, leather and fur are still a lasting trend that will carry through 2015 until the weather gets warmer. Piecing together leather accents with a basic top or bottom creates a high interest in the overall look. Both fuax fur and real fur are classic pieces that can be worn year after year but in different segments. Adding a fur vest or fur scarf to a simple black pair of pants capitalizes on the outfit, but combining both leather and fur takes the look even further without pushing the envelope. Some other ways that you can combine textures is by wearing silk in either a top or pants in the springtime. Silk is a light fabric with a feminine feel and by adding it to leather or fur it gives it a greater attention and changes the look from girly to edgy in a simple way. Sheer fabrics are also a popular trend and can help enhance ones look this year. Sheer accents like silk, take a simple feminine look and add an edgy more masculine twist.
In addition to using multiple textiles in your 2015 wardrobe, experimenting with patterns will be a must in this New Year. Floral patterns and color blocking will continue to be seen this year and are a definite must have in everyone’s closet. This year floral will be bolder than ever and become more of a classic because it has been seen year after year. Floral patterns and blossoms can be worn is small amounts or to the extreme. Handbags, shoes, and scarves with floral patterns can add excitement to a basic outfit and keep the look on trend. Another way to capture the floral trend is to buy a complete floral dress or skirt and top set. This is a classic look that will continue to evolve through the years and enhance your personal style. Color blocking is still popular as well and is leaning on the edge toward the classic zone. Designers have used color blocking in spring runway pieces but with louder and more daring colors.
These two patterns mentioned are easy to achieve because they are cyclical from years past but slightly updated. Mixing textures and including different textiles to your daily look will help you succeed in completing a look of interest. Following these style tips in 2015 will enhance your wardrobe and allow you to take several looks that you have seen on the runway to the street.

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