Style For Students

Emily Proper is a senior Communications student at Walsh University in North Canton, Ohio. With a passion for words and a minor in writing, she contributes content to her University’s newspaper and a site called Quietly. With her love for social media, she runs her Communication departments Pinterest page and plans on carrying that love into a career one day. While preparing for graduation in May, she enjoys singing at church, job searching and adventures with friends.

We all know that living in a dorm can be quite an adjustment to make. You are suddenly forced to pack up your life and find new ways to make the new space work for you. This includes your whole dresser of essentials and closet of usuals and forgotten items. We can’t forget those endless pairs of shoes either.

As a senior college student, I am well versed in the art of packing, and college basics. Here are a few of my tips for keeping your style simple when preparing for college life.

1. Pack What You Wear
And I mean only the things you are actually going to wear. I know you are going to find things you didn’t know you even had and want to take them. Just beware that you have much less space. Stick with the items you know you will wear and need.
2. Dress To Impress
There will be days when you just want to throw on sweatpants and a hoodie and be done with it, especially in the winter. There is nothing wrong with this as a freshman or sophomore, but in the final years of your education, you need to know that you never do know who you will run into. You have to appear professional to your peers, professors and guest speakers. Everyone is a potential connection. Dressing better also improves you performance in class and you will exude confidence when you feel good about yourself. Also, it takes the same amount of time to put a pair of jeans on as it does sweatpants!
3. Budget
College is expensive, we are all too aware of this fact. At my school, going to the mall is something we do just to fill time. DO NOT DO IT. I plan on not spending any money and of course, I buy just to buy. Stay away from the mall, and when you feel like buying yourself something, Give thrift stores a try. Old Navy and Forever21 are two places I usually find awesome deals and things on clearance.
4. Accessorize
Now that you have your ducks in a row and have all of your beloved basics, it is time to create your college smart wardrobe. Accessories are the simplest, easiest and cheapest way to dress up basic T’s, sweatshirts and jeans. Load up on scarves from Charlotte Russe and chunky necklaces from Forever21 (they’re cute, but cheap!) and boot socks. Buy smart to dress smart!
5. Dress for the Weather
If you live where it snows and rains, dress for it. It perplexes me when I see people walking to class in a blizzard while wearing only a hoodie. Get a warm winter coat, boots for the snow and rain and check the weather before you leave for class. Tis the season for thick knit sock and scarves, so bundle up!

If you are a new college student, keep these tips in mind when packing and you’ll be golden! As you weave your way through your college years, you will develop your own set of style smarts.

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