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Being successful in your studies does not necessarily come naturely.  It takes hard work, a plan, and motivation on the part of the student.  Making the active choice to continue your education is only the beginning.  Putting in the time and the work necessary to ace your classes, impress your instructors and process what you are learning will pay off in spades in the end.

It is easy to blow off class in general in a traditional educational setting but even easier to blow off class when it is online.  Make your studies a priority, and that starts with attending class.  Sure, you are not in a physical location, but if you choose to take on something as big as furthering your education, follow through is important.  Attend all of the classes and webinars scheduled.  Make sure when you do watch an online class that there are no distractions.  Turn off the television, and focus solely on your studies.  This dedication will save you a great deal of stress in the end.

Do not rely solely on memory alone.  Make sure while you are watching class you are taking notes that will help you remember what you have learned and truly digest it.  Back up your notes, as well.  If you choose to take notes on your computer, be sure you back them up in the event something happens to your computer.  Organize these notes in a way that you can pull them out even later in your career.  You never know when any of this information will come in handy.

Do not wait until test time to review what you have learned.  Take notes while you are watching the class and review them later to remind yourself of what you have learned.  Classes flow from one to the other, and if you do not truly understand the information given.

Connect with your classmates.  Online programs offer message boards and chat sessions for a reason.  Utilize them.  If you have a question, someone in your class might know the answer.  The instructors regularly answer questions on these message boards, as well, and these forums can serve as what normal office hours would be in traditional educational settings.  Just because you are not in a physical class with classmates does not mean you cannot form an online study group.

Most importantly, treat your studies as if you would a job.  You have paid money to take these classes and further your education so take it seriously.  It can be too easy to procrastinate and not be diligent with classwork and studying, especially since you are not physically present in an educational setting.  Staying motivated and focused will help you earn the grades that will later lead to success in your career.   This motivation will only stay with you later as you enter the workforce and put what you have learned into action.

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