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The challenge with online coursework is the fact that all of the work is done remotely, not around a classroom of students and faculty, and not to be taken at any specific time.  Online studies give you freedom, but sometimes that freedom can lead to procrastination.

Most online courses do not require students to be online at any specific time, which allows for flexibility for working students.  However, the key to success is being disciplined in the hours you do study.  Treat this online classwork like you would any other job and set aside hours during the day and days during the week where you will solely be dedicated to classwork.  For studying, find somewhere with very limited distractions, even if that means going to a library or local coffee shop so long as the place has open wireless access.

You should make sure you set aside a schedule of how many times you log on weekly.  Online classes will have a set number of classes to watch via webinar, and if you wait too long to watch these, it will be nearly impossible to catch up.

Do not get too behind in your homework.  At the start of each semester, the teacher will give a syllabus including the weekly topics to be expected.  Try to complete each assignment weekly, and once you do, keep an eye out for what the next week involve.  If you have any upcoming work or personal commitments coming up, make sure with the teacher that you will not be missing out on anything and if you can get the work ahead of time.

While professors do not require students to be online at specific times, they do set deadlines for classwork, as well as for certain webinars and corresponding tests to be taken.  Write these on a calendar that is easily accessible and keep a system where you continually remind yourself of these deadlines.

For questions that arise, professors and teacher’s assistants will schedule option Skype chat events or have message boards where students can post and answer questions.  Regularly use these as they will become invaluable.  If you do not use them and end the semester with a bunch of questions that are unanswered, you will have only deprived yourself of this help.

Online classes are a cheaper and more flexible way to earn a higher education, but they are by no means easy.  It takes great dedication and determination to succeed, but following these tips will help you in the end.

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