Summer internships

Summer internships are extremely beneficial for students to continue to grow their education through a real-world experience. Securing a summer internship can sometimes be difficult, here are some tips to help you out:
1) Start now.
Yes, your fall semester may have just started and you are thinking more about the past summer instead of the next one, but the sooner you look for an internship the better. Not only will you have more options to apply for but also you will have more time to make the right choice when offers begin to come in. Figure out what kind of internship you want to do and begin your search.
2) Search diversely.
Some colleges are really great at sending out internship opportunities through email or posting them on their website. You should keep an eye on all of those opportunities but there are many other places that will benefit your internship search. LinkedIn is a professional social networking site that houses countless job and internship opportunities. Narrow down where you would want your internship to be and start browsing the positions available on LinkedIn. They have an extremely useful student-friendly profile layout that makes it even easier to show everything you have accomplished in your college career so far.
3) You’re not too young.
Some people believe that it isn’t necessary for freshman to have internships… wrong. The sooner you are experiencing your area of study in the real world, the better. It helps to put your name out there for recruiters to see and so that they know you are interested. You may not get the position the first time, but you will have a better chance of the recruiter recognizing your name when you apply again as a sophomore. If you can’t secure an internship after your first year of college, look for volunteer opportunities or part-time jobs that relate to your field of study.
4) Network.
Talk to professors, advisors, friends, family and anyone else you may know about what your goals and areas of interest are. They can help point you in the right direction or even pass along your resumé to someone else they know. Also, don’t be afraid to reach out to other people who work in your field who would be able to lend advice and tips.
5) Follow-up.
This is a simple step that most students don’t do. Once you submit your applications, follow up with the hiring manager or person responsible for the internships. Email them and let them know you applied and that you are interested. Don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and call as well. Hiring managers get countless emails a day and sometimes a phone call is more appreciated. If the application specifically says, “do not call,” then definitely follow those instructions. When speaking with them or emailing, express your interest and ask what the timeline or next steps are.

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