Summer Skincare Basics

There is one way you can get the most out of your summer – take care of your skin while achieving the perfect (healthy) tan.
• Wash your face every night
This is tough one. There will always be an excuse why this is inconvenient. You’re too tired, you’re only getting a couple hours anyway, you did it last night. But it’s one of the most critical. Remember that study they did where this woman was only allowed to sort of rinse her face with water at night, but never actually washed it? She aged like 10 years in a month!
To make it easier, use a gentle, lotion-like cleanser so it takes just a few seconds. That stuff dissolves even mascara quickly. And place it right next to your bathroom sink so you have no excuse. Your skin will not just look great day after day, it will feel amazing.
• Wear sunscreen every day
This is also a tough one, but like washing your face every night, just takes a little habit-forming. Tinted moisturizer (at least SPF15) is a brilliant cosmetics industry invention – it’s literally two products in one. Apply it to your face every morning before heading out and you’re protected all day from the harmful UV rays, plus your skin looks dewy and pore-less. Score!
• Increase the SPF at the pool or beach
When you know you’re spending the day at the beach or pool with your pals, pump up the sunscreen to at least SPF 30 and reapply often. The spray sunscreens are pretty convenient and can be used to reach hard to get spots on your own like your back. But they may sometimes lack the coverage that traditional lotions do. Why not use both? And remember, no sunscreen is towel resistant. It is easily rubbed off. Reapply at least every couple hours.
• Use sunless tanner
We all know there is no such thing as a healthy tan, right? It’s one of life’s tragedies that a tan looks so great! Take the safe route and use sunless tanner to achieve that coveted golden glow. You may have to experiment to find the right product for you. No one tans orange. The more realistic your color, the better. Take it easy at first and apply half the suggested amount so you can gauge how the sunless tanner will look on you.
Glow on you golden bronze goddess!

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