Summer Skincare Routine

Now that it’s spring, it’s time to change up your routine to prepare for summer—this includes switching to summer products. In the winter, your skin needs heavier moisturizers and less sunscreen as the air is drier and you are inside more often. So, it only makes sense that with the coming of summer, you should choose skincare products that are the opposite of those you used in winter.
Start with your cleanser: your skin is oilier during the summer so you’ll want to look for something that unclogs your pores. A cleanser that is not creamy or super moisturizing is another good choice, because in the summer your skin just doesn’t need the extra hydration. To get rid of more grease, add a toner to your daily routine. Make sure that it doesn’t contain alcohol, though—you want to eliminate extra oil but not completely strip your skin of essential oils.
Take a look at your moisturizer next: again, you want something that is light, not heavy and moisturizing. Try to find something that contains sunscreen. Use the moisturizer in the morning only and skip the night cream. That is something that you need in winter, again because you need the moisture, but not during the winter. If you feel like you need to put on something at night, then select a lightweight serum in case you have dry skin.
Another product you could try for the summer is a cream with SPF 15-20. These are great for summer because, in addition to containing sunscreen, they contain ingredients that help to even out the skin tone. I’m sure those of you who get freckles from sun exposure know the importance of products that do this in the summer!
The SPF 15-20 in the recommended summer skincare products is not enough to fully protect your skin from the sun, especially during the middle of the day, so the last product you’ll need to add to your routine is sunscreen. Choose those that are around SPF 30 and made specifically for the face. Remember, the point during the summer is to cut down on grease, so don’t use regular sunscreen or you’ll create more grease and clog your pores. Select those that are ‘oil-free’ which basically means oil-free.
The last thing you can do for your face during the summer, though not essential, is to exfoliate. Just doing so once or twice per week will really help your skin breathe. It removes dead skin in addition to sweat and oils that clog your pores and lead to acne. But, make sure you apply sunscreen if you have added exfoliation to your routine, because it makes your skin more sensitive to the sun.
Put away that heavy moisturizer and cleanser and lighten up your routine to continue having great looking skin during the summer!

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