Summer Wear: Rompers

These one-piece, shorts-shirt combos have managed to stay in style, probably because they are just so easy! It’s like throwing on a summer dress, except you don’t have to worry about weird straps and bras showing, or sitting a certain way. But, as an odd piece, they can be a little hard to wear, especially if you aren’t used to wearing them. And not everyone can pull them off! They don’t hurt to try, though, and are a great choice for summer. Here are some tips for buying and wearing a romper:
Make sure you try it on and get the right length—so many of them are cinched in the waist, so you want to be sure that it hits at your actual waist. Also check the length as you don’t want something too long or too short!
Check the fit too. Again, with those cinched waists you can sometimes get a strange shape and unsightly bulges once you have the romper on. Check the front and especially the back—sometimes the back can ride up so if you don’t want to show off your backside, then select a different romper. No matter how proud you are of your body, don’t buy a skintight romper. Rompers are supposed to drape the body, and one that is tight is often unflattering.
Although the romper with big prints are adorable, your best bet is choosing one with a smaller print or even a solid color. One continuous color is much more flattering as it lengthens the body. A small print would be okay too, but nothing too big or flashy. You don’t want to look like a young teenager!
Scared of wearing just one piece? Want something to break it up? Add a cute blazer, vest, or cardigan. Or, try a belt around the waist to break up the color, which also helps to highlight the waist—never a bad thing!
If you’re really willing to be bold, why not try a jumpsuit? The same rules apply as for a romper, but the length and fit around the butt is even more important because of the added length. Don’t be afraid to try either one—they seem like a fashion risk, but can really help to update your style!

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