Summertime Make-Up

You may be battling humidity. You may be battling super dry, desert air. You may be fending off sunburns or bug bites. But one thing is for sure – the temps are hot, hot, hot in the summertime months. Your usual make-up routine just won’t cut it in these extreme conditions. What’s a girl to do? Try these easy tips and enjoy a perfectly made-up look all summer long.
• Powder foundation
Creamy liquids offer the wrong kind of coverage in the summer. They often have a heavy and creamy texture. Powder foundation formulas are light, fresh and now come with sunscreen so you won’t be skipping this important step in your routine.
• Waterproof mascara
The beach, the pool, the humidity – these are prime conditions for your mascara to run. Waterproof mascara is an essential, summertime beauty tool for maintaining those lovely, dark lashes and looking freshly made-up all day long.
• Lip balm
Swap out the heavy, matte lipstick for sheer, light lip balm in the summer months. You can even try one with a little bit of tint. That way, you’re getting color and coverage without the goopiness of melting lipstick on a hot, summer day.
• Dry shampoo
Due to all the outdoor activity in the summer, we are more likely to shampoo every day to get rid of any oiliness. But we need to keep our hair moisturized. Avoid over-washing by opting for a dry shampoo instead. This beauty powerhouse freshens, soaks up any oil and smells great.
• Body spray
Instead of heavy, rich perfume, spritz on a fresh, light body spray in the morning. These watery formulas are generally high in alcohol content and will evaporate more quickly than perfume, so pack a travel-sized container in your bag and spray some on throughout the day.

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