Summertime Updos

It’s warm out there y’all! When the summer months hit, do you find yourself pulling your hair up into a ponytail every single day? Nothing’s worse than your hair sticking to your neck, right? But did you know there are so many prettier options out there? A little extra effort and you can achieve cool style and breezy comfort.
• Funky braids
Eschew the usual French braid and get creative! Try a skinny French braid on just one side that threads around to a side pony tail. Or braid five or six skinny braids starting at your hair line and gather in a bun.

• Modern Twist
The high school prom look grows up and gets sophisticated – the key to a modern twist updo is not to make it too neat and clean, plus accessorizing with fun and fresh clips, headbands and elastics. Adding some interest with hair accessories is a good way to modernize any hairstyle
• Messy bun
The opposite of the traditional sleek chignon, but equaling it in style, a messy bun looks modern and edgy. Best of all, you can haphazardly gather your hair, form the bun quickly, and then sort of purposely “mess” it up by pulling random strands out and making sure it’s not too neat. The easiest hairdo ever!
• Hybrids
Can’t choose between any of the above? No worries, combine them for a one-of-a-kind summertime updo. Try wrapping your chignon with a skinny braid. Or start out with a modern twist, but finish the ends in a messy bun. The sky’s the limit for cool, comfy updos.

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