Super Foods

Few people, especially in their late teens and early twenties, recognize the overall benefits of healthy eating. A proper, well-balanced diet doesn’t just help you physically but also mentally, ensuring you have the right nutrients to restore your body and feed it what it’s meant to use.

Super foods have come onto the scene in the past decade to take the idea of a good diet to a whole new level. The simple truth behind these foods is that they are all natural. Even a small addition of these super fruits in your diet can make a difference in your mood and overall health.

Some of these super foods may even already be favorites of yours that you can find in your dorm room now. Walnuts and oats are definitely on the list, so kill two birds with one stone by adding walnuts to your morning oatmeal. For a third layer of super food, add blueberries for high potassium and Vitamin C content in addition to help lower the risk of cancer and serve as an anti-inflammatory. A half-cup is ideal but at least aim for a handfuls a few times a week.

Black and green teas are also high on the charts. The antioxidants found in these brews help lower cholesterol and have been shown to prevent cancer. Bonus: Green tea has also been found to aid in healthy weight loss. Drink in the morning or on the way to class, hot or iced. Black and green tea, unless otherwise noted on the packaging, also have caffeine, sometimes more than a cup of coffee, so it’s an alternative to that morning wake-up ritual with added benefits!

Have you ever thought of sardines as a fast and tasty snack? Well, time to stock up! Omega 3-rich fish like sardines and farm-raised salmon help with memory and brain function. Ones soaked in tomato sauce also give added vitamin C and are great with saltine crackers. Next time you are in the school cafeteria for breakfast or launch, order a whole-wheat bagel with lox instead of a burger and fries or other fast food.

And for dessert – the darkest chocolate you can find! Chocolate with 50% or more cacao content may seem like something your parents would eat, but dark chocolate has antioxidants that can help prevent cancer. Try versions packed with dried fruit, nuts or a hint of mint for a tasty and semi-sweet pick-me-up that actually helps you stay healthy! But don’t forget, all things in moderation. So just because it’s good for you doesn’t mean you should eat more than one serving at a time!

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