Survival Guide to finals week.

Hello! My name is Dekontee Tucrkile. I am a recent Musical Theatre graduate from Vanguard University.
Congratulations, you are almost done with your first semester in college! Give yourself a pat on the back. It has been filled with papers, tests, all-nighters, late night food runs and new lifelong friends. Now you are probably staring at your calendar at the weeks ahead and you are wondering how you are going to survive the most jam packed week in any college student’s semester… FINALS week. Believe me, even as a Senior last year that dreaded week was filled with anxiety and pressure. Not only was I a full time theatre major but I was a Resident Assistant for the freshmen girls dorm. Needlesstosay I had very little time for homework. I know what it’s like to be overwhelmed by the end of the semester. I have decide to provide you with a survival guide so you can finish the semester stronger than ever.

1. If you haven’t already buy one of those big calendars for you desk.
Write out everything that is going to happen after thanksgiving break. Include all finals, papers, projects, on campus events, floor events, when you flight home will be, and of course your check out time with your RA. Make sure all dates and times are clear so you don’t get confused. Also add in a time to rest ( I will get to that later).

2. Take a deep breath.
Thats right, breathe. Don’t look at your calendar with a mind of defeat but keep yourself calm and breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth. Repeat when necessary.

3. Start working on everything by thanksgiving.
If you professor has already gave you the project guidelines start it now. Don’t wait. If it is a group project text your partners and tell them to do the same thing. That will save you time so you can focus on the tests that are being given that week. If you don’t feel like writing a full paper before thanksgiving (which is understandable), start your outline or rough draft as soon as possible. Most professor won’t give you a study guide at all. They may just say review everything we learned this semester or give you a list of the chapters that the exam will be covering. Either way start the hard work now as much as you can you all you have to is join a study group and study.

4. Make a study schedule.
Start with things that you will be tested on first and work your way throughout the week. I usually do this because I have can focus on one thing at a time rather than trying to do everything all at once. Instead of cramming ,pick a few days and study one subject taking frequent breaks. You may find that you won’t need an all nighter.

5. Study with people .
Find a group of smart and fun people to study with who will push you to making it through finals week. It is also a good idea to become friends with the TA or go to any study sessions that you professor has.

6. Study where you won’t be distracted.
That is self explanatory.

7. Schedule FUN TIME.
Do it! If that means going to the beach, park, the mall or even Disneyland (which is what I do). Do something that makes you happy. This keeps your mind happy and less stressed out.

8. Sleep.
Shoot for having at least 5 hours of sleep every night of finals week. I know it is hard, but I believe you can do it.

OKay that’s all! You can do it. Take a breathe and don’t let the mountain ahead of you overwhelm you. View it as a challenge that you will overcome. You have worked hard all semester show those exams who’s boss.

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