College registration tips

My name is Kayla Evans and I am a sophomore undergraduate majoring in Psychology and minoring in Education. Outside of school you’ll find me working, interning, volunteering, singing, or writing.

It’s that time of the semester to make schedules and back up schedules. Most schools require that you meet with your academic advisor to give you advice on which classes to take and how to meet your goals. If you’re not sure where to start, here are some tips to consider.

Find your classes

In order to graduate every student must fulfill all requirements for their chosen major and minor, general education, and electives. You should already have copies of these lists, but if you lose them you can ask your advisor for more or print sheets off from your school’s website. If you don’t have a declared major it may be easier to take some general education classes and an elective you’re interested in.

Change Your Major(if applicable)

Making a schedule can be overwhelming especially if you are an undeclared major. If you’re changing your major, this is a crazy, but possibly necessary time to do it. It may be stressful to make an appointment with a new advisor, however there is no way around lifting that hold off your account no matter how much you lift at the gym.

Account Holds

Make an appointment with your advisor ASAP. Don’t forget to make a sample schedule of the classes you want and need to take. Write down the class name, time, course number, and CRN, in case your advisor wants a copy. The more you have prepared the better. Also, if you are behind on tuition payments you need to get that turned in otherwise you may have to wait to register. If you’re a first semester freshman, double check that your school received your high school transcript and health vaccinations, otherwise you may have to wait to register as well.

Give Yourself Time

Another factor to consider when making a schedule is time management. If you are commuting you want to try your best to block your classes together so you don’t have to wait hours in between classes. This might sound silly, but make sure to give yourself time to eat, you will regret it if you don’t. Make sure to leave time for any activities you want to do outside of class.

If this is your first time making a schedule, beware of 8am classes. It doesn’t sound early compared to high school, but if you know you stay up late you won’t want to go to class in the morning, especially if no one is forcing you to go. But if you see there is a class you really want to take, and you can’t take it any other time, go to bed with some tea and wake up early with coffee. This advice can be used with any class you choose, don’t take it unless you’re really interested. It’s rare that you get an amazing opportunity to spend your time learning, don’t think of college as a degree, but an experience.

Pick the right professor

You’ve probably heard your friends suffer from difficult classes and stay up until 2am to not fail a general education class. It’s good to listen to students on hard professors, and another good resource to learn about professors is Carefully read these reviews, because a reason why one person doesn’t like a professor may be a reason why you would enjoy their class. For example, a student might say that a teacher’s class is too discussion based, but that might not be a bad thing for you. You might be concerned whether or not a teacher is clear in instruction and whether or not they care about their students. Sometimes there is a new professor and if you sign up for the class you are risking not knowing if they are a quality teacher or not. That’s really up to whether or not the class sounds interesting enough to you.

Set your alarm clock!

Making a schedule is never easy, and you need to set aside time to plan it out. If you’re a freshman or sophomore and you have to wait to register after the older students, make sure to check the catalogs throughout registration week to make sure the classes you want don’t get filled. If they do plan to arrange your schedule accordingly. However, if you absolutely want or need to take that class, email the professor teaching it asking them if they can override the number and place you in their class.

Make sure to wake up early on your scheduled day and have a secure internet connection. If you live on campus all the other students will be using it at the same time, have an ethernet cord, or go to the library. You can off campus to register, however if you run into a problem that has to be dealt with immediately, you may have to wait longer than those already on campus. I personally think buying or making an ethernet cord is your safest bet. Double check your ethernet slot in your dorm to make sure it works. If there’s a problem contact your Residential Director, or Facilities Management to get it fixed right away.

It may take a few times to get the perfect schedule, and sometimes you get stuck with a class you don’t want. Like I said, it’s really rare to get a chance to learn each day, so look for something great in every class you take. Your education is what you make of it.

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