Surviving Finals

Shawna Gilliard-Harrison is an energetic, hard working, extroverted and ambitious Advertising and Public Relations student at City College with a minor in Women’s Studies. Shawna enjoys writing, blogging and creative projects. She will be graduating in May 2015 with a Bachelor’s Degree

It’s that time of the year again; when you can’t enjoy the holidays and you barely get enough sleep, that’s right it’s finals week! Many students struggle to maintain a healthy and organized lifestyle during this time due to stress, lack of prioritizing and overall worry about their grades. Most students spend their time cramming, panicking and overloading their plate. However there are some students who have figured it all out, who can smile through finals week while others threaten to pull their hair out. So what’s the secret you ask? No worries, I’ll share! Here are the 4 major ways to survive your finals with a smile on your face.

1. Prioritize: By outlining your priorities it will allow you to focus in what needs to be done first, what is most important and what are things you can take some time to complete. For example, if one project is intense and requires in-depth attention but is the last project due of the semester it’d be best to work on the aspects of the project day by day but don’t devote all of your time to is, that way you can knock out the other assignments with closer due dates. Whichever way you decide to prioritize, make sure that it’s an outline you can follow through with for the best results.
2. Don’t Procrastinate: This is the time of the year most students procrastinate and underestimate the time and effort due to each project or test. By waiting last minute and cramming you are practically setting yourself up for failure. If you study over time it will allow your brain to absorb what it’s learning and by completing a project over time it allows for more sleep during finals week.
3. Sleep: Being sleep deprived is the number one reason students fail and or don’t so well during this time of the semester. Making sure you study enough or complete your PowerPoint won’t matter if you aren’t alert.
4. Make Time to Relax: If you spend your entire week stressing, over-studying, under eating and worrying if you will pass or not (although we always no the answer to that question based on our semester.) you will extend your stress way past the classroom. So take an hour or two break each night and breathe.
Now these tips are guaranteeing to help you past your finals, just how to effectively survive them. This is your last chance of the semester to show your professor that you deserve that A and to reinforce everything you learned. A student must always realize college is an experience you are paying to have, you want to make it a good one and remembering how much you stressed isn’t as fun as remembering how much you didn’t. College won’t be fun, finals won’t be easy but you made it this far and you’ll make it through finals week!

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