Take Advantage of what is in Front of You

Hello there, my name is Rebekkah Kimani and I am a senior at Ball State University in central Indiana. To me college has been a place full of opportunities, but these opportunities do not just consider you automatically—you have to put in the work.

There are so many organizations and clubs to partake in, but you should know your limits. If it were not for the extracurricular activities I was able to get involved in, my college experience would not have been half of what it turned out to be, which is amazing.

I am not saying there will not be rough times or that all things in college are great, but I am saying that without involvement on campus you can pass up some great learning experiences and opportunities. Also, extracurricular activities have helped me to find a community on campus. Communities full of people that I can look up to, rely on, share memories with and learn from. If it were not for my communities within Ball State’s large community I probably would have been homesick and alone. That is why I encourage all college students to get involved because it helps the college process to be more enjoyable.

On another note, opportunities help you to make connections with people for future endeavors. Connections can get you an interview at that job or internship you are just dying for. That is why it is so important tot take advantage of whatever is front of you.

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