Temporary hair color

Like tattoos and piercings, it can be tempting to dramatically die your hair once you move away from home for college. You are developing into your own person and hair colour is one way to visually express yourself. Before you go wild, bleach you hair and dye it a vivid pink or electric blue, try some temporary colouring techniques. You will be able to see which colours best fit your complexion and colouring, without having to commit to something permanent.

There are two new temporary products for hair colouring which will allow you to do just this. Hair mascara is a great alternative to permanent dye. Hair mascara is contained in a tube that looks like regular eye lash mascara. Simply clean your hair and then apply the mascara with the supplied brush. Style with a ceramic hair straightener or blow dryer to set the colour, which should last for up to about two days.

The second new trend is to use chalk to colour your hair. For this method, you need a set of chalk, which can be purchased from your local arts and crafts store, or perhaps even at the university bookstore. Get a spray bottle and dampen the section of your hair which you wish to colour. Twist one section and rub the chalk along it until you get the desired colour vibrancy. Move on to the next section and repeat. Again, you need to style with a ceramic hair straightener or blow dryer to set the colour. Chalk colour will normally last about one day or until you wash your hair. Take care as the colour can rub off on clothing. So if you have longer hair, put it in an up-hairstyle or make sure to avoid wearing light coloured clothing.

For both methods, try mixing and matching colours, rather than just using one. This can create a beautiful effect. Equally lovely is colouring some of the under sections of your hair, so that the coloured hair peeks out from behind your normal colour for a more subtle, but still fun and flirty look. Remember, it is just temporary, so experiment and have fun.

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