The 200% Solution

There will be many conversations in college about what your major should be. Some of you will know going in, and never deviate. Some of you will change 5 times and barely graduate. Regardless of which person you end up being, the conversation will always be relevant and thought provoking. The ultimate question many people will end up asking is the following: Is it ok to pursue the things I’m passionate about, or do I need to pursue a career that will still be relevant in 20 years and will allow me to support a family?

It’s true that some passions are more lucrative than others. Parents around the world cheer when their children end up enthusiastic and talented at a subject like medicine or law. But what about the artists among us? What about those with a passion for grassroots activism? And God forbid we should recognize a gift for teaching elementary schoolers… no, no, and no…these things just won’t do. You’re in COLLEGE, aren’t you? You go there to invest in a degree so that you can graduate and go on to a successful career in which you change the lives of everyone you work with, eventually hire someone to write your biography, and retire at the age of 40 to go live a life of luxury somewhere tropical. Isn’t that supposed to be the whole point?

Wait…is it?

Without going into a whole spiel about the meaning of life, let me just say this: You’ll never get your 20s back. Or your 30s, or your 40s. You have energy and a zest for life and substantial freedom NOW. You may not have it again later. So, within reason, LIVE IT UP. Find something that inspires you to give your 200% every day…and you’ll be surprised at how successful you’ll become. Take it from someone who has been known to say yes to things like petting unchained lions (seriously–it happened). You won’t regret it.

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