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My name is Tyler Christine Edelmayer, but I go by Christine. I was born May 8th, 1992. I live in Buck County in the suburbs of Philadelphia. I will not argue with you about sports, politics and religion. I have my beliefs/opinions on all but choose not to share because I only value the opinion of conversation with those that respect mine. Therefore, I’m a very understanding and accepting women. I’m outgoing, personable and love to laugh! I believe life is to short to be boring, or normal, so try different things, step outside your comfort zone, and push yourself to be the best because everyday is a gift and you never know what tomorrow brings!
I graduated College in August 2014 with a Bachelor of Science in Communications Media and a Minor in Journalism. I plan to pursue my career within the TV/Broadcasting industry and one day hope to live in Chicago. Family is everything! I have wonderful boyfriend, sister and parents who I would die for! Also, I have five animals, three dogs and two cats. Obviously I’m an animal lover so it would only make sense to be a vegetarian too! But, I love to cook and have no problem whipping up an awesome meatloaf!
Basically, I appreciate good food, wine, people and conversation…
I could talk all day about nonsense things that you probably don’t care to hear so I will stop here!

Freshman Year: “Be Yourself”

Now, I know what you’re thinking…”How cliché.” But, it’s the truth. It’s also the truth that who you decide to be, or not to be, could potentially define you for the rest of your college career.
Ex: Like many, Carly wanted a ‘fresh start!” And where better than a new school with more mature and sophisticated peers. Carly is very likeable, she has many friends and is very outgoing. Despite her bold personality, Carly was leaving all her friends behind and was anxious that she wouldn’t find a crowd like the one back home. So upon arriving at college, Carly became the “YES girl.” No matter what the question the answer was always “YES!” At first it was great, Carly was making “friends’’ left and right, even a boy seemed interested in her (and no, not because of the “YES girl” title) he seemed genuinely into her. Carly felt great. Until second semester when her GPA dropped drastically, she was exhausted because everything she was doing was for everyone but herself, and the constant energy of being this boy’s puppet left her feeling swamped and overwhelmed. She knew something had to change. Carly’s roommate at the time, and only person whom she truly felt connected with, told her, “I know this isn’t who you are. Just be Carly and whoever sticks around is worth it, and those who don’t never were.” From that moment, “YES girl” became CARLY, and Carly became happy. She lost some so-called “friends” and the idiot-of-a boy she was so happy never became a boyfriend. Carly felt confident to continue her adventure in college and to do so with her real friends.
Another truth, the crowd you choose to be apart of will 90% likely be the crowd that follows you all the way through… So make sure you choose wisely. I’m glad Carly came to her senses and stayed true to herself.

Sophomore Year: “Know Your Limits”

They say “A drunk mans words are a sober mans thoughts” and I want to tell you they are WRONG! This is so bluntly wrong and misrepresented. Of course sometimes its true, but 99.9% of the time when you wake up the next morning and come around to it, I’m sure you don’t want to be in a stranger’s bed, reeking of beer, embarrassed with a bad reputation. And WARNING an innocent night of fun can quickly turn into something far more dangerous.
EX: Freshman year Jamie stayed a goody-goody so when sophomore year came she wanted to let down her hair a little. She drank a little more, skipped more classes, had a couple more promiscuities and even got a new haircut! This was no red flag to herself or her friends; it simply meant that Jamie was becoming comfortable with college and herself. Well, One day Jamie became that girl who woke up in a strangers bed alone, smelling like beer, embarrassed with a bad reputation. Her body hurt and her thighs were bruised. Jamie told her best friend, who was worried about her all night, that she felt so ashamed! Jamie might have broadened her horizons a little but she wasn’t “that type of girl.” Jamie even told her best friend that she remembered saying “no” to this guy. Jamie asked her best friend to recap the night. Story goes… “You were drinking, a lot… I was ready to go but you stayed… You weren’t alone though so and so were there too… and this guy …” As her friend was going on Jamie could remember parts of her night, and she remembered the most horrifying part too. She did say “No.” Jamie’s best friend told her she was rapped. Jamie tried to justify it with her intoxication but in the back of her mind she knew it was. Well a Plan B and trip to the health clinic later Jamie was fine. Jamie chilled out for a while, she gave up drinking and partying but soon realized that she didn’t have to stay celibate or sober to avoid mishaps, she simply had to know her limits. She had to stay smart and in-control of her own thoughts and actions while she was drinking and partying. Safe to say Jamie drank responsibly for the rest of college.
Things with Jamie could have turned out much differently. One in four college women, and one in eight college men are rapped. Remember no matter what the situation, “NO” equal’s rape. Be careful. Be safe.

Junior Year: “Exert Yourself”
If you haven’t done so by now… join a club, a sorority, do community service, pick up a sport! But please, do something because it really does matter in the real world what’s on your resume. When applying for jobs people are looking for more then what you know how to do, although that’s extremely important, they’re looking for a connection.
Ex: Jack was always a straight ‘A’ student and graduated college with a 4.0 but had no extra curricular activities during his entire college career. On the other hand his best friend, Steven, was a ‘B’ average student who during his junior year became involved with his schools TV station and completed weekend community service hours. Both men graduated with the same degree and shared the same level of experience in their field. After graduation the two kept touch while applying endlessly to jobs. Rejection after rejection, finally Steven landed an opportunity with ABC News and moved to New York City. Jack couldn’t understand why Steven, who had a lower GPA than him, started his career and he was still struggling. Jacks answer came to him from an honest interviewer. “To be honest,” The interviewer said to Steven, “I would seriously consider you IF you had any extra-curricular activities and out-of-the classroom experience.”
That’s when Jack knew; it wasn’t all about the exams he aced, it was about applying what he knew inside and outside the classroom while balancing academic and personal ambition. Jack did land a great opportunity with a marketing firm and moved to Chicago. It took him longer, and he might say he worked harder than Steven to start his career. But nonetheless, it’s all about self-dedication and motivation and its not to late build your resume! Now, whom do you think worked harder?

Senior Year: “Stay Focused”

Okay, now I know you’re almost done and senioritis kicked in at the end of junior year, but don’t quit now! Don’t be over confident and slack off thinking your set, because anything and everything can change last minute!
Ex: Dayton applied himself all throughout college into the last semester when he was taking his final four “core courses” for his major. He was very confident that his two A’s, one B and one C would carry out as his final grades, therefore graduating on time. When he went to apply for graduation he was rejected. It seems somewhere under radar his “C” slipped to a “D” and being a mandatory core class for his degree a “D” is not passing. There was no time to boost up his grade and Dayton was forced to stay another semester where he had to re-take the course.
Don’t loose your focus. Don’t feel overconfident and don’t assume anything, always check! Don’t become nonchalant and distracted. You’re not done until that degree is in your hand, and even then, that’s only the beginning!

Follow these principals and I promise you will have a successful college career!

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