Study advice for college students

My name is Marta Hernández, 20 years old, spanish student of the double major on Journalism and Economics in Rey Juan Carlos University. Since I was old enough to win literature awards at school, I have known that writing is my passion. I am a creative person, with a huge initiative who will go mad if things do not work as I planned them but who needs little to be happy. A good book, film or conversation will keep me motivated for days. I love being amazed. The fact that you are now about to read one of my articles is basically a dream. Please, feel free to be part of this dream.

As a freshman, I learned that attending class is just one inch of the work you need to do to pass gracefully your exams. So in order to complete and reinforce my newly acquired knowledge I came up with this huge idea: If I worked by myself my grades would not be as high as I was expecting, and I would find holes in my knowledge about the subject. So I needed to talk to my friends and encourage them to start working together.
It was perfect timing, because shortly afterwards we were told to develop a project in groups. Therefore, we gathered one day in the library and brainstormed.
There were seven of us, who met a few weeks ago for the first time and had no idea about most of the lives of each other. But there we were, talking about interesting and revolutionary ideas that would help us to achieve the best of our grade.
Suddenly I saw the light: as we got to know, understood and appreciate each other, we were becoming friends, and at the same time, in a comfortable atmosphere, we were learning! It was the easiest way I have ever experimented of consolidating all the matter that we had listened to the previous day in class. And thanks to the avalanche of ideas, we complemented one another. So, as a consequence, the material one of us did not know or understand, was cleared up or explained by another.
We got together every day of that week, after classes, in order to finish the assignment. During the presentation, connecting glances between the components of the group filled the room. The teacher was impressed. As a result we got the highest grade in the class.
As the finals were approaching, we realized that we were having trouble with three of the subjects we had that year. But obviously, we already had the solution. We met during exams, each time in a different house, to make things easier. No wasting our time. Every time someone deviated from the topic, amicably we asked him to put his focus back on the table. Sharing our lives on a day to day basis made the trust between us grew rapidly. Plus, we got to understand certain concepts that we would have never comprehended by ourselves.
We eventually understood that good teamwork has its results. We all got around an 80% in both subjects, and, as a reward, we treated ourselves to a trip to Budapest!
The moral of this story is simple: helping each other helps to achieve great results. So, dear reader, let me give you some crucial advice: now that you are in college (or just about to start), it is time to periodically practice this method and turned it into a useful tool, just as we did.
This is the first step to consolidated work habits which are required and necessary in one’s professional life. Do not hesitate, and go for it!

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