Quality online learning is one of the most innovative developments in education in the past decade. It offers students some extraordinary benefits, many of which were unimaginable prior to the age of the internet.

Compared to a conventional, in-person classroom, online learning offers you:

1. Instant access. No more late arrivals because of traffic, running out of gas, not finding parking, or not finding a seat in the lecture room.
2. A front row seat. No more scrambling for a decent seat among your closest 800 classmates for a spot where you might see and hear the lecturer. Quality online learning offers you an unobstructed view of all the material, excellent audio and a seat as comfortable as your favorite chair.
3. Great scheduling. So you are a night owl who works best in the wee hours. No more scheduling problems or missing the course you always wanted because of a time conflict. The vast majority of online courses offer prerecorded lectures and videos viewable on command. If they offer live lectures then they usually record them for future reference.
4. Unparalleled flexibility. When was the last time a college professor halted lectures when your aunt got sick and waited until she got better? Online learning usually offers you amazing flexibility such as the option to finish a 4 month course within a year. These options make courses so much more compatible with the messiness of real life and this translates into a better and more enjoyable learning experience, and more value for your money.
5. Unprecedented access to the world. So you always dreamt of studying art history in Europe or engineering in Boston or music in New York. Online education opens the world’s door to you. There are hundreds of courses, many of them for free, offered by the world’s best universities and colleges and you can have access to all of them through your computer. We now have access to an education that our grandparents could have only dreamed of.

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