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For aspiring fashion students looking to enter an exciting career in the fashion industry after mastering the basic practices that make up the industry, a certificate in fashion business is the path for you.  A certificate in fashion business prepares students to work in all varieties of fields in fashion.  These certificate programs can be completed online, on-campus, or through a combination of both online and on-campus coursework, depending on the student’s finances and availability.

Fashion business encompasses a wide array of aspects of the industry including marketing, design, retail, and merchandising.  Classes will focus on history of fashion, basics of merchandising, understanding the trends in retail buying, and consumer behavior.

In order to really have an understanding of fashion, you need to know the history of the medium.  Students are encouraged to take courses on Western fashion starting in the middle of the 19th century to present day.  Students will learn how fashion has evolved from necessity to a form of expression.  They will also learn the relationship between key designers, events and fashion movements and genres.

Beyond the history of it, understanding the medium of fashion, meaning the actual products, materials and elements that make up clothing and design.  Students will focus on the “how” as well as the “why” of textiles, fibers, and fabrics.

Consumer behavior coincides with marketing in that students will be able to evaluate the psychographics and demographics of consumer interests, learning how to focus on specific markets and niches, including age, gender and other demographics.

Students also focus on fashion merchandising, analyzing market research, product development, promotion and success.  A great deal of this research involves analyzing consumer behavior, its relationship to predicting what consumers will buy, and global merchandising.  Fashion expands all boundaries, so classes are not isolated to Western markets alone but focused on a more global level.  Consumer behaviors, marketing and branding differ base on region, and students will evaluate how fashion influences lifestyles in a whole myriad of cultures.

For those students interested in retail buying, courses will also focus on what retail business owners and managers need to know for inventory purchases, markups, vendor analysis, stock sales and more.  Students will walk away with knowledge of all of the basic aspects of the fashion industry.  Where you go from there is up to you.  Many students proceed to obtain additional certificates in more specialized areas of the industry while other go on to lead very successful careers owning a business in the fashion industry.

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