The Basics of Mixing Prints

Mixing prints is a little daunting, as you don’t want to look like some old lady that just walked out of a thrift shop with way too many crazy prints on, or a child who doesn’t know how to dress themselves. However, it is possible to look cute and chic while wearing two different prints in one outfit! You just need to learn how to match colors and patterns.
You could start with mixing classic and feminine pieces, like a striped top with a floral skirt. The top is neutral enough that it works with the more colorful skirt, and yet they both stand out and complement each other. Keep the top as neutral as possible to balance out the florals and you’re good to go! Whatever you do, though, don’t find another patterened or bright-colored shoe to add to the outfit. The two patterns are more than enough, so select a solid-colored, neutral shoe that blends into the background a bit.
Some brands are making it easy to mix patterns by combining them for you into one dress. Now, not all designers have an eye for mixing patterns, but if it’s a higher end piece you can be sure that they put a lot of thought into it. When matching the dress to your accessories, again stay on the side of single-colors and more neutral pieces so that you don’t overwhelm your look. Depending on the colors in the dress, you could spice it up a bit with a small, bright colored accessory that matches one of the colors in the dress, but don’t go too crazy with the colors! Balance is key.
Another option is to wear the same pattern but in different styles, like a floral on top that is more graphic while the pants/skirt are more subtle. Let one piece pop color-wise, while the other blends in a bit more. And if you choose to do this with florals, then select more androgynous or menswear accessories to balance out the femininity!
You don’t have to just mix prints through clothing—try mixing a print dress with a pair of printed shoes! The same rules apply (make one bold and one a bit more tame). Try to stay in the same color families if you can, or if you choose a multi-colored dress or top then pick one color in the dress that matches one of the colors in the shoes. Don’t pair printed shoes with printed pants, though—you need something in between to break up the patterns.

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