Benefits of culinary school

Are you interested in food? Are you creative? Are you looking for a rewarding new career path? If so, you should consider attending culinary school. People who acquire degrees in either culinary arts or culinary science are rewarded with a myriad of career options and the chance to earn higher than average income. You could become a cook, a pastry chef, a wine and cheese expert, a restaurant manager, a restaurant owner, a researcher, a food writer, or a hotel staff member – and those are just a few of your choices! People who go to culinary school are often creative and artistic, but prefer to use their creativity in a technical application, such as cooking and baking, instead of a more traditional artistic outlet like painting. If you’re still not convinced, consider a few of these key benefits to going to culinary school.

1. You can often get your degree in two years or less!

Although there are bachelor’s degree programs out there, especially for those interested in management, many schools offer associate’s degrees in culinary arts or culinary science that you could complete in 24 months or less. This means that it will take you less time to go from a place of no experience to one where you are ready to don your chef hat and get in the kitchen. It also means that you won’t need to spend as much money to finish your schooling, and you’ll graduate with fewer loans. It also means that if you need to go part time due to work or family obligations, you won’t find yourself drowning in schoolwork for years and years.

2. You can benefit from an interesting and diverse range of classes!

In culinary school, you will enroll in classes ranging from more basic options, such as mathematics and finance, to more specific courses in food safety, baking and pastries, and wine studies. You might also take classes in management or writing skills to make sure you graduate with a well-rounded knowledge of subjects that will help you succeed in the culinary world. You might take classes in a hands-on environment, in a classroom, or online. Your school might have a student-run kitchen or other simulated atmosphere. Many curricula also include externships or internships where you can gain real-world experience in an actual restaurant or hotel.

3. You will have flexibility in your career choices!
Contrary to popular belief, not everyone who graduates from culinary school becomes a restaurant cook. Although this is certainly an option for you, you could also choose to meld your passion for food with one of your other interests, such as business or communications. You might end up traveling the world for the food network, tasting exotic dishes in faraway places. You could end up hosting your own cooking show. You could move to a major city and open a fancy restaurant in an up-and-coming part of town. People everywhere in the world eat out, so you can live practically anywhere you want (provided you can speak the language).

4. You can gain financial satisfaction!
Despite the fact that you might have more limited schooling than your friends who went to a traditional four-year university, you could end up making more money! For instance, head chefs rake in an average of $46,570 a year. Food preparation supervisors make $33,390. Writers and editors make $65,130. Food scientists and technologists make $64,140 a year, on average. Your degree will allow you to choose a career that excites you making competitive annual wages.


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