Secrets to Success

Katherine Jacobson is a Freshman Transfer student studying Fashion Design at the number three fashion school in the United States, Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York. She now works as the solo East Coast Sales Representative at Fashion Forwards Showroom, a European showroom located in Los Angeles, CA and Paris, France. They represent designer gowns and ready to wear clothing.

What makes you stand out? What is it that makes a “successful individual” successful? How did they get to where they are presently standing?

These questions I have been asking myself since I was about sixteen years old. It has taken much observation and experience to clearly pinpoint the answer to these questions. Hundreds of people publish long-winded books every year stating “the key” or “the secret” to success when the answer is quite simple and can be said in a much more concise manner. If you think of success as a recipe, it will make much more sense. Just as in a recipe, if you do not have one “ingredient,” your result (AKA success) will not turn out correctly. From my experience, there are three essentials to attain your goal. I must stress that one needs all three to be truly successful. Whatever you decide to do in life, success is guaranteed with these three ingredients.
The first element is passion. You must love what you do in order to become successful. You will likely put in long hours into your work, so it is essential that you love it. Otherwise it becomes somewhat of a chore and all of a sudden, success no longer seems desirable. Love what you do and it will never be work. How do you know what career you’re working towards is your true passion? You must ask yourself if money were not an issue, what would you choose to be doing with your time. Some people may enjoy making music. Others enjoy building or fixing up old buildings or cars. What are your “side projects” that you’re working on? Have you thought about using that and making a career out of it? How much more satisfied would you be if you did what you truly loved everyday and get paid for it? It is possible to do what you love as long as you are smart about it.
The second is drive. Without drive, it simply will not happen. Drive is what keeps you going. Loss of motivation is simply the result of losing the desire to work towards something. If that “something” is what you love, then loss of drive is not possible. For example, if one enjoys making something out of nothing, it is safe to say that going to architecture school is what will make the most sense. If this person truly enjoys building, they will not lose motivation and therefore will keep working to perfect their projects. Passion and drive are very much connected. With passion comes drive.
The last is the most important one is the one I did not learn until recently. It has made a world of a difference in my life and I promise it will in yours as well. In order to be truly successful, one must pay attention to detail. The most minute details make a difference. Come to work five minutes early every day. Send a birthday card to your boss or teacher. Prepare the night before for anything work-related and write it down so you will get everything done the next day flawlessly as well as in a seemingly effortless manner. All of those little things, I promise, will make you stick out. I now realize that all of those minute details are what make you stand out just a little bit more. That “little bit” is really all you need. After much experience, I now realize that all of those little things add up.
To recap, here are the three essentials you need to achieve success in whatever field you end up going into. Again, all three are needed for this to work..
1. You need passion. Love what you do and it will no longer be called “work.”
2. Drive. With passion comes drive.
3. The extra “umph.” Go the extra mile with everything you do. You’ll realize later that the little things add up.

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