Single in college

It’s finally here – your first day of college. It was a killer summer, full of fun, saying goodbye and preparation for your big move. One last detail you might want to address is your relationship. Now here us out, we know he’s a great guy. He’s loyal, smart and super sweet, but since each of you are going to different schools, there are a few good reasons why you should head off to school unattached.
• Focus on you – You’re starting a brand new chapter in your life. You have a lot of work (and fun!) ahead of you. Your classes are obviously your first priority, but taking care of your health and well-being is also key. Sometimes, a previous relationship can alter your priorities so that you’re not as tuned in to your own needs. If you are focused on making your boyfriend feel included and involved in your new life, you may actually delay starting that new life.

• More options is a good thing – What’s one of the biggest parts of college life? Your social life! All the parties, sporting events, nights out and other social activities are about to fill up your calendar. Being open to meeting new people (hint, hint: men) will increase your enjoyment of campus life. Understandably so, your boyfriend may feel threatened by your super active new social life. Avoid that hassle and discontent by breaking it off before you arrive.

• Really leave home – Leaving for school is a big transition. It was only just a few months ago that you graduated high school and were living in your parents’ home, still following their rules. Your hometown boyfriend is probably a big part of your attachment to home. But aren’t you ready for some personal growth? Shed that teenage skin even more by arriving at school carefree and open-minded.

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