College Dress Code

Kameisha Sage, also known as Nicole, was born and raised in Kansas City, MO. She attended high school at Paseo Academy of Fine and Performing Arts, majoring in visual art with an emphasis on fashion. This is where her desire and passion for fashion began to ignite. Once senior year came she created a 5 piece collection for her senior show and was presented with the Dottie Trophy Award for Fine Art in Fashion.Since High school she has attended Stephens College for Fashion Design but soon changed her major to Fashion Merchandising and Management after transferring to Missouri State University. She is currently in her senior year with a year remaining. After graduating from college, she plans to begin her career in visual merchandising, while building a Christian urban clothing line for young adults and children.

I went from wearing heels in high school to flats in college. A typical day on campus consisted of getting up early; walking long distances from one class to the next; possibly a nap in between; trip to the library to study and off to extracurricular activities. In the midst of the hustle and bustle of campus life, it’s no wonder why I traded my heels for flats. It’s safe to say that once you’re in college comfort comes before style. However, it’s not to say that being comfortable can’t be stylish. In order to achieve this look you have to figure out what makes you comfortable and what makes you look and feel great about yourself.
Let’s say you love denim but not sure how make it comfortable. There are a number of stores that sell stretch denim such as TJ Max, Marshall’s, Macy’s, Walmart etc. These pants will give you the comfort and look of denim jeans. If you love heels, swap them for wedges or flats (like I did). This is a great way to dress up your outfit without wearing down your feet. Love big sweaters? Style it with a pair of stretched skinny-fitted slacks, which will give you a slim look towards the bottom then top it off with a pair of leather boots, patterned scarf, and flashy jewelry.
Many women may not realize that simple tops such as t-shirts, v-necks, long sleeve shirts, and tank tops can always be dressed up. You can simply add a blazer, preferably knit or polyester with a blend of at least %25 spandex that will allow you to maneuver throughout the day. You could also dress your shirts up with a vest, cardigan, a collared button down cotton shirt, and even an everyday light weight jacket if it’s slightly cool outside. Sweatpants are a huge part of the college dress code and can sometimes seem hard to dress up. I’m here to tell you that it is possible. If you’re going to go heavy on the bottom try to go slim at the top. Top it with a slightly fitted tank top and a loose fitting cropped blazer.
Another way to dress up sweatpants is to top it off with a short or long sleeve shirt and tuck it in. You can accessorize it with a light or heavy weight scarf and big earrings that will make a statement about your personal style. Accessorizing is your best friend when it comes to dressing up a dull outfit. With school just right around the corner and winter at its peak, it’s smart to add layers to these styles. For example, if you’re going to wear a basic shirt, first layer it with a cardigan and button it down, next place a casual blazer over it, then top it off with your favorite coat. Layering keeps you warm and stylish.
There are many directions you can take your personal college dress code, so save your “dress to impress” clothes for your nights out with friends. If you take these basic rules of style and comfort you won’t have any trouble looking and feeling great during your typical day on campus.

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