The College Girl’s Guide to Lip Color

Is each and every one of your handbags overflowing with lip products? Us too. It’s a challenget to find the best one. Here’s a breakdown of the four basic types of lip products on the market today. Read on to see what suits you and your lifestyle best.
• Balm – The most basic and (usually) colorless of the bunch, lip balms are sometimes marketed as medicinal products. They soothe chapped lips, prevent cracking and can even include SPF. They’re an important part of lip care if you just want to smooth and hydrate.

• Lip stain – This tinted, watery liquid is a recent cosmetics invention. You apply it with a little brush and sort of lightly smack your lips together until the liquid dries. The benefit to lip stains is the long-lasting color. However, they tend to dry lips a bit. Apply a balm or gloss over the stain to prevent dryness and increase suppleness.

• Lip gloss – Lip glosses have been everywhere and on every girl for a while now. They add color and sheen and look great. But there are drawbacks. Their thin texture means they don’t last long – that means regular reapplying and they tend to get goopy as they age. Be sure to toss your gloss after a few months.

• Lipstick – The original for a reason, traditional lipstick colors your lips beautifully and stays put. The long-wearing lipstick products claim to last as long as 12 hours. The benefits to using a lipstick are strong, true color on your lips that lasts. The drawback is they tend to look overpowering and strong on young women and can be drying. Find the right shade for you by trying on several different colors and brands in daylight.
Many cosmetic lip care products are marketed as hybrids of these four basic types. Department stores and cosmetic stores may offer free samples. Take them home and try them out. The key is to find the right texture, the right amount of color and the wearability that is right for you.

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