The College Restart

UCLA Grad’13 –Cum Laude

I grew up in the expansive prarie of South Dakota before I moved to San Francisco then Los Angeles to attend UCLA. I have both a background in English and Music at UCLA, where I also played collegiate Rugby.

Hello Reader,

As with any good and proper introduction, I’d like to begin our conversation by introducing myself a little bit. My name and experience is probably already listed, but again for the sake of proper introduction, my name is Jarrett and I’m a recent college graduate. At the moment of this writing, I find myself steeped in the fervor of my alma mater bustling campus as a new flock of students approach to take their turn at a new restart on life. But before I touch upon the main topic at hand, I’d like to express my desire for this piece. Above all else, I’d like it to help you in any way possible. I will at times throughout out tired clichés in this article, but just because it’s always said doesn’t mean it isn’t true. Rather shouldn’t it be the opposite? If it is truly tired, it maybe that you haven’t fully realized it’s potential yet. As far as my writing style, I imagine you, the viewer, across from me and asking for any input that I can muster, and that’s exactly what I’m here to do. I’m here to help. My advice, by nature will be vague at times but that is the nature of not knowing specifically whom I’m addressing. However, that doesn’t mean what I’m saying is anything less effective to you, today, at this moment. Instead, maybe it’s a new perspective that I can offer that can give you a chance to do better. After all that is what you, the reader, is searching for-advice. Why else would my article be at your fingertips? The reason I bring that up is not get lost in the casual manner of my writing or the over-arching nature of my advice-use what you will and discard the rest. Now that the serious stuff is out the way, let’s begin. Congrats!! You are going to college! That’s amazing. Don’t lose how amazing that is. It’s amazing because you have chosen to better yourself as individual. Above all else, that is what college offers a person. A chance to be better: to learn, to create, and to be set on a course to realize their dreams. What ever anxieties you may have towards this new venture, remind yourself that you are surrounded by like minded people in the simplest of facts that they have chosen, along with yourself, to be better. You should never lose sight of that. Armed with that new confidence my next nugget of advice is that try EVERYTHING that you possible can. New things are hard, difficult, scary and intimidating. But they are also the most rewarding experiences of your life; they can expand upon your horizons in ways you’d likely never think possible. College is full of new things-so try them. With that said, do not quite new things based on you not being good at them right away. Not only are you better than that, you are smarter than that. Everyone sucks at the beginning. It’s just that their beginning might have begun much earlier than yours. Don’t be intimidated by that. Ask for help; watch others. On a personal note, I wanted to quit a lot of the new things I tried within the first week or month, but by sticking it out I’ve not only made myself a much more diverse and interesting person, but I’ve built and garnered relationships that will never leave me. For that, I’m eternally grateful. You should not miss out on this. You’ll never miss home unless you leave it. And you’ll never find out who you really are unless you’re willing to leave your home, your comfort zone. Some of these things won’t take to you, but some will and how incredibly exciting is that? You’ve started an incredibly journey, one I promise you will never forget. This is a chance to restart. To take the best parts of you and expand on them and to find other best parts of yourself you never knew were there. Remember the core part of the word restart, as well. Start. To begin. While there is a wealth of amazing opportunities outside your college room, just feet from where you read this, wherever you maybe reader, no one will start this for you. It’s all up to you. But you should not be afraid of this; others doing the same thing surround you. You are thousands strong and you can feel it around you when you step on campus. Take that strength and start. Then you can be giving advice rather than searching for it.

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