The College Woman’s Guide to Friendship and Social Media

Everyone loves sharing the latest pics from last weekend’s party or night on the town, but social media can get a girl into trouble with her girlfriends if she isn’t careful. Here are some tips to ensure you and your girls continue to be the queens of Instagram.
• Don’t just post photos that YOU look good in
You might be tempted because it turned out to be the only pic you look your best, but don’t do it. Your girlfriends will see right through this ploy and will not be amused. If you can, try and capture a great group photo where everyone looks good. If that just isn’t possible, post a selfie instead.
• Don’t post inappropriate or embarrassing photos of your GFs
This is a no-brainer and probably already an unspoken agreement between you and your gal pals. Having inappropriate or embarrassing photographs floating around out there in cyberspace isn’t funny – there could be serious consequences for your friend (as well as you since it was your account) at your college, at home, with your families. Just say no to posts like this.
• Don’t post without her permission
Getting a quick nod to posting a pic of the two of you is good form. Everyone likes a heads-up. However, this is one rule that can be bent if you do it in the right way. Is it a photo she’s already posted? Is it a beautiful photo of her and you’re posting it to wish her a happy birthday? That’s cool, just keep her in mind before you post.
• Don’t snark or be negative about her
There’s nothing like being rude to damage a friendship. If you have a fight with one of your GFs, don’t try to get the court of public opinion on your side by blasting the details. Try to have a calm conversation with her in private to resolve your dispute. Social media is not the place to broadcast the timeline of a breakup (friendship or otherwise!) Sharing this kind of information online can snowball when the other person responds in kind. Respect your friendships and they’ll respect you.

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