Dating Checklist

Too short? No. Too tall? No. Hates country music? No. Elementary Education major? No. Drives a motorcycle? No. Doesn’t brush his teeth after every meal? No.
Many of us girls have a (long!) list of likes and dislikes when it comes to the kind of guy we’ll consider dating. But how can you tell if your checklist of demands is good sense or nonsense?
• Does your dating checklist get in the way of meeting new people?
Do you decline invites to parties or other social events because you think you know what kind of people will be there? Big mistake, girl. If your dating requirements checklist stops you from experiencing new things, you need to re-evaluate your priorities.
• Do your girlfriends question your list?
Does it seem like your BFFs will bring up your checklist and scrunch up their face? Do they say things like, “Oh, Amber won’t like him. He’s got blue eyes (or doesn’t have a car or doesn’t talk to his mother every day).” Consider this a red flag.
• Have you met someone who has all the qualities you want?
So you have a master checklist of required qualities in a man. And you ‘re in a fabulous, fulfilling relationship with a man who meets every single one of those qualities, right? Of course not. This magic man doesn’t exist. Flexibility and compromise is the key to a good relationship.
• Have you noticed that the list changes?
Your list has probably changed a bit since you created it. Maybe being a Business major has fallen off and being an English major has replaced it. Maybe you’re now okay with a guy from the South. Maybe you’re over skinny jeans and just want a guy who likes to surf. People change, but a checklist is forever. Don’t get tied down to a checklist of qualities you made when you were 18.

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