The dreaded admissions wait

It’s really hard to be a senior in high school and be in limbo waiting to hear from your dream college about whether or not you got in. A single letter or email will hold your fate and either break your heart or make you scream with joy. The waiting period is tough but during those few stressful months there are a lot of things to keep in mind.
If you are going pretty far away from school, these moments that you have with your family are going to become limited to just seeing them on the holidays once you start the semester. Take the time to make great memories with your family during your amazing experiences that you have in your senior year. Let your parents take just one extra embarrassing picture at Homecoming. Embrace their super loud cheering at one of your games or concerts. Give them one extra wave or thank you when they drop you off at school or bring you that project you left on the counter after working on it all night long. These moments are precious and once you go to college you are going to want some of them back.
These few months are also a time to crack down on your school work to make once final stab at raising your GPA. Senioritis is very real but if it hits you too early, you could end up paying for it in the long run. Sometimes, schools that are on the fence about students will request most recent transcripts for the reason of seeing if you have still been working hard in your final year. If you have been slacking off and your grades have begun to slip – that is not going to look to good to an admissions counselor and that could hurt you big time. But, if you have worked even harder and your grades have improved, that could be the swaying factor of getting into your dream school. Ultimately, colleges don’t want to a student who doesn’t take their academics seriously.
Embrace all of the memories that you are going to make with your friends during your senior year as well. It is sad, but this could be the last time that you get to see them that often when you all go away to different schools. Establish great relationships with the people that you know you want to stay in touch with when you go to college and begin to let go of the drama-causing “friends” who really don’t make you any happier. In five or ten years, none of that stuff will matter at your first high school reunion.
Stay excited about what is yet to come but don’t forget to live in the moments. No matter where you end up going to college – you are in for some of the most exciting times of your life.

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