The Easiest Makeup Tricks You Aren’t Using

Maximize Your Colors

Whether you are dealing with nail polish, eyeshadow, or lipstick, you will find that bold shades look best with a white base underneath. If you really ready for a dramatic look, add white nail polish to your nails or white shadow to your lids before applying your color. You can also do the same on your lips by going over them with a light shade of lipstick first or just adding some concealer.

Make Your Liner Multi-Task

You can easily turn your pencil eyeliner into a lush gel simply by heating it up. Hold the tip over a candle or a lighter then watch it transform! It just takes a few seconds and you’ll immediately see the difference when you apply it. Just let it cool for ten seconds after you heat it up and you’re ready to go. It’s great for times when you want a thicker line or use it every day if you have trouble creating a straight line with pencils.

Get the Spoon Out of the Kitchen

Spoons are great for more than just soup! If you have a shaky hand, use a spoon to get the perfect cat eye look. Simply hold the stem of the spoon up to the corner of your eye and trace along the top of it. It will work as a sturdy and easy to use stencil.
Spoons are also great for preventing mascara messes. If you have a tendency to get mascara spots above your eye, try holding a spoon over your lid as you apply it. Simply cup the spoon over your eye and apply mascara as usual. Basically you’ll be creating a barrier so that mascara is hitting the spoon and not your skin. Be sure that the edge of the spoon are facing against your skin so easy application.
Maximize Your Lash
Lash plumping mascara can be pricey and some of them have potential side effects that are just plain scary. For an easy and instant lash plumper, just grab some translucent powder! All you need to do is apply a single coat of mascara then dust on some translucent powder. This will lighten your lashes and that’s fine. Just add another layer of mascara. It will create nearly the same results that you’d see with lash maximizing potion!
If your lashes tend to fall flat but you’re craving a wide-eyed look, heat up your eyelash curler. Just a few seconds with a blow dryer can maximize your results and get long-last curls. Be careful with this method though until you get the timing down right. You want the curler to be warm but not so hot that it could burn your eyelids.
Lush Lips the Painless Way

The same translucent powder trick that you can use for your lashes also works for your lips. Simply apply lipstick as your normally would then hold a tissue over your lips. Apply translucent powder over the tissue. This will leave a light coating of powder over your lips. Reapply lipstick and you’re set! This layered technique will create the illusion of added fullness while also creating a long-lasting color.

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