Film studies degree



The subject of film studies does not just mean one thing, one item of study.  It encompasses a wide variety of topics ranging from screenwriting to production.  People are needed at all steps of the way, and job opportunities are growing ever day in this field.


Film studies involve studying the media as a scholar, looking at it from all angles from creation to production.  It involves studying how the medium was created to the digital technologies that have advanced it to what it is today.  Therefore, students will receive an education not just on the newer methods of filmmaking but examine the original methods and how they progressed through history.


Students will start with a basic study on the topic of media studies and production in general, all students learning about the areas in this wide-ranging discipline, including documentary filmmaking, Web-based projects and sites, multimedia, digital design, and narrative work.


Students will also examine film as a form of art and entertainment, seeing how films are made and sequenced to form a narrative.  Students who wish to take this further can obtain a certificate in film production to learn more about completing a film.


Students also have the option of taking classes on film as a business.  These students will have the ability to learn more about media management and the professional aspects of owning and operating a business in the film industry.


Lastly, for those students who find themselves more interested in the writing of film, obtaining a screenwriting certificate is an option.  Writing for cinema is an art form in and of itself and involves training and education in how writing in film has progressed throughout time.


The options are endless when it comes to where you can take your film studies degree.  Keep an open mind when taking your initial core classes and consider whether pursuing an additional certificate to specialize in a specific area is for you.


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