The Essential College Going Out Glam Guide

Going to bars and parties is a pretty key part of college life for any college girl. Coming from high school however, you might be unsure of what items you should have in your arsenal of going-out-gear. Before you hit campus this fall, definitely make sure that you have the following fashions, so you can make a splash when you hit the town.

1) Black Pants – This is probably the most important item in your going out wardrobe. In fact you should make sure that you have multiple pairs of these. What style, you ask? Doesn’t really matter just as long as 1) The length looks great with heels and doesn’t drag on the floor at all (there’s nothing more disgusting than a bar floor). 2) Your BP’s should also make you feel fierce, hugging your curves in all the right places. These are your major wardrobe staple because they go with almost anything.

2) Lightweight Leather Jacket – In the winter months, there’s nothing more annoying than seeing scantily clad girls running around freezing to death so that they can look cute without having to lug around a cumbersome winter coat. Incorporating a leather jacket into your outfit can look super cute and keep you relatively warm as you bar hop.

3) Black Boots – Again, doesn’t matter what style, but if you know you’re going to a gross college bar, a boot with a sexy heel is way better than open toed shoes. Bar floors are gross, plus you’re less likely to take a drunken spill in boots.

4) Cute Tops – Make sure you have a good selection of cute going out tops. Many campuses may not have a lot of shopping options, so stock up on these over the summer before you hit campus. The black pants are pretty standard but the tops are where you can really show your unique fashion sense.

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