Social Life in College

​Dashana Lane
23 Years Old
College Graduate
Recently Graduated from The Florida State University with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology

Having a strong social life has proven to have a positive impact on individuals. When you are enrolled in college the best thing you can do is get involved in groups and activities around campus. There is a myriad of student organizations that you can join so there are no excuses. Some schools even have programs where if you gather a decent amount of students you guys can form a student organization. There are sports clubs, even if you are not a professional or never played a sport take on an intramural team. Grab a few friends and join a soccer or basketball intramural team where all of the beginners play one another. How fun is that? There are book clubs, language clubs, and religious clubs, social justice clubs, volunteering clubs…the list goes on and on. You do not want to graduate and look back and realize that you did nothing throughout your college years. I can attest to that from experience. My school offered every club that you could imagine and yet I did not get involved in any. I was only acquainted with a handful of students and had no social life. I went to class, work and home and that was my life. Because of this I hated my college experience and sometimes regretted going. Getting involved and meeting different people is probably the single most memorable experience you will have in college. Take advantage of the endless possibilities. I have spoken to friends who will describe the best part of their college experience as their social lives. Your enrollment in college is the times for you to try new things so do not hesitate to get involved. Mingle; do not be afraid to go to parties or outings. This is what college is all about. Do not let fear get in the way of your happiness. Make your college experience the best experience.

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