Computer support technician duties

When companies started using emails to communicate twenty years ago, the role of a computer support technician was simple: making sure that the emails are sent to the intended recipient and vice versa. There may be an issue or two in terms of accessing the company’s intranet site or connecting the computer to the nearest printer.
However, the industry has expanded exponentially within these past twenty years. We are no longer bounded to our workstations by our desktops. In fact, most employees are assigned a laptop and a phone on the first day of work. It’s almost as if companies are expecting you to work beyond your normal office hours and they will call you on your company provided phone when you are out of the office. In addition, most senior executives are armed with an iPad so that they do not have to lug their slim laptops to the boardroom during a meeting.
As a result, mobile work arrangements, combined with business operating across time zones in global offices are making the work of a computer support technician increasingly complex. Suddenly, network security is no longer limited to company provided devices. Support spans across all hours with round the clock staffing becoming an operational priority. As internal client services become more centralized, support technicians suddenly find themselves on the road, traveling from offices to project sites to ensure the IT systems are set up accordingly. Computer support technicians are no longer desk jockeys, in fact they are becoming more road warrior like as companies’ IT requirements become more complex.
It is true that an IT support technician’s role is becoming more vital to the company’s livelihood. Afterall, most of our work is stored on the computer and you often hear on the news how data has been leaked via a company’s system. At an age where identity fraud is running rampant and deciphering big data is an IT department’s full time job, you do have to appreciate the endless and thankless effort at computer support technicians are doing to keep us sane and our work safe.
As a result, companies are putting more investment in the training of IT staff. Continuing education is almost a guarantee in the job description of a computer support technician. Technology changes by the second and they need to keep up with how to best support these changes so we can better serve our clients. If we are not using the latest and greatest technology, our clients will be concerned that we are not providing them the best possible service or solutions to address their issues.
It is a great time to be a computer support technician. You’ll be nothing short of a rock star in any company. However, you’ll need to be able to jump through hoops, geographies and time zones while you’re fighting with the evils of computer troubles. Still want to be part of the IT crowd?

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