The Experience of a Lifetime National Student Exchange Program

My name is Tracy Medsker. I am graduating from Indiana University-Purdue University in Spring 2015 with a degree in Media and Public Communications and minors in Journalism and Media Production. I’ve always been interested in writing ever since Middle School.

The National Student Exchange Program, or NSE, is a great way for college students to have an experience of a lifetime, without leaving the country. Just like the International Student Exchange Program, the NSE program gives students the opportunity to travel to a different location within the United States, Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.
The NSE program helps prepare various students, each year, to live and work in a different cultural environment. Many students take the opportunity to travel to a different location that way they can gain an internship in a field that interests them to help them further approach their career goals when they graduate.
I personally found out about the exchange program during my junior year of college and took the advantage of what NSE has to offer in my senior year. Although, I am very close to graduating with my degree therefore I may only be able to stay at California State University, Northridge for only a semester. According to my NSE advisors, the exchange program is a simpler process if you take part in the program during your freshman or sophomore year of college. It’s easier that way, because you still have a majority of classes that can be chosen to be completed while studying in a different location.
The application fee is $275 and depending on which campus you would like to explore, there may be additional fees. When applying for schools, you get to select a few but make sure to put the campus that will be most relevant to your career goals as your first choice. It is also very important to research the campus and surrounding area to see if you can gain experience in your career field while studying in a different area.
I’m originally from Fort Wayne, Indiana and I was trying to decide whether to try my chances at Queens in New York City or California State University, Northridge. I wanted to exchange at Queens because I was interested in becoming a magazine editor. Although, I put CSUN as my first choice campus because I was also interested in working behind the scenes of movies and television shows and California is definitely the place for all of that. Luckily, I was able to get an internship at a minor radio station working behind the scenes in production: camera op and possibly audio.
Just like the International Student Exchange Program, the NSE program allows a person to see life by a different point-of-view. You make new friends and are able to observe a different area of the world where you will hopefully be residing after graduating with your degree. When I do go back to Indiana, my goals are to receive my degree and graduate and to hopefully go back to California for graduate school.
This program is a great opportunity and I hope everyone talks to their advisors for more information regarding the NSE. For more information please visit this website: Don’t be afraid to chase your dreams and remember that anything is possible.

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