Fashion mistakes

Isabela is an artist and fitness enthusiast based in north florida. She has an educational background in fine art, art history , and business. She has been traveling the world her whole life and hopes to one day make a global impact through service. If the sun is shining you will find her in it!

Growing up the daughter of a Latin mother, fashion enthusiast, proved to be both challenging and rewarding. Whether it was the couture clothing as a child, radical hair styles or even just the daring experiment with an accessory, my mother always pushed me to express myself in my own way. By the time I could walk I was doing runway walks, distractedly, down the hallway with new clothes! Hip flick included and always smiling equipped with a “cheese”. All of which was with a touch of her artistry of course. I now see how lucky I was to have that sort of freedom with my dress and hair; how she let me pierce my nose before anyone else I knew had a facial piercing in 9th grade, which later became fashionable. One lesson out of many that stuck to me was to express you apart from a magazine. The magazines of course are full of wonderful spreads of which many people have worked hard to produce and market, but there is one thing that a magazine doesn’t have; the ability to make those pieces unique to a person. That is where you come in!
My personal style has been influenced by the beautiful outfits in Vogue and W magazine. All of which gave me ideas of how to make jeans dressy or how to make my messy hair a symbol of beauty. Luckily I had a mother who could recreate most of the clothing I loved dearly, but could not afford. The style that defines me is ever changing and centered around primarily comfort. For example, the biggest thing to remember when it comes to purchasing and wearing shoes is to wear ones that fit you! If you are hurting when you walk, you will not feel confident or sexy no matter how pretty they are. If you are busty wear moderate necklines so as not to take away from the rest of your ensemble. If you are square shaped, wear clothes that are structured to your frame to accentuate your features, dressing with pleats on your pants or skirts to insinuate curvature. It is all about learning what you feel comfortable in and how to customize it to you. I am shorter and curvy, I try not to wear capris because they make me look stocky instead skinny jeans and long seamed shirts. Finding out what works best for your frame will make a difference in the way you wear and feel about clothing.
Fashion advice like most things in life is a matter of opinion. The trends are cyclical and just when you see something go out of fashion something from 10 years ago is back stronger than ever. Our mothers are the best source of fashion advice as they have already worn it all! In the morning, the most important thing you can do when you look in the mirror is love on yourself. Regardless of the fashion style you have cultivated. You need to love yourself no matter what you wear!

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