Hey there! My name is Morgan and I am a senior at The Fashion Institute of Technology graduating with a bachelor’s degree in advertising and marketing communications this May. I am currently interning as a brand planner at Y&R Advertising NYC. I am very motivated by the opportunities that surround me in New York City and plan to work for an advertising agency as a brand planner/strategist after graduation.

There comes a time in your college career when you realize, “wow it is actually almost over.” Four long years suddenly seem to have flown by and no matter how ready you say you are to graduate (and yes for me it has been awhile now) there is an intimidating emotion about it actually coming to an end.
Graduating college is a major milestone in life and even though it is exciting, it is also quite scary. As a senior, and soon to be graduate, I am shocked by my recent emotions following my first semester. Out of the blue I went from knowing exactly what I wanted to do to being completely confused. To me applying for a career is not the same as an internship or a part-time job and I developed this fear of putting myself out there.
One of the biggest challenges I continue to face is not knowing which way is the right way. I question when the best time is to apply, how to reach out to recruiters and how to get myself noticed. Is there really a right way though? Everyone has their own style of how they do things whether it is related to school, work or their personal life. These characteristics construct the skills that help us stand out as individuals. You can have one person telling you the “perfect” wording for your cover letter, but just because that is how they landed their first job that doesn’t mean that is the only way. Some people plan to graduate college and move home, take time off to travel or start their career. We are all different and as much as we wish to fast forward time and see where we end up in life we can’t. Don’t panic though because it is going to happen the way it is supposed to!
For the past few months I have been stressing myself out thinking about finding a job after I graduate. I am originally from Minnesota, but go to school in NYC and plan to stay here after I finish school. My roommate, also graduating this spring, pointed out to me that although the unknown may be scary it will all work out how it is meant to. She reminded me to find the courage to do what I think is right because in reality there is no right or wrong. You just do what you think is best because as graduates we are all in the same boat trying to plan our next step.
So if you are having the same emotions then realize you are not alone! At the start of my second and final semester of college I started to over hear people in my classes talking about how they have no idea what they want to do after graduation. Some were talking about taking time off to travel and others said they were going to apply for jobs on the west coast. Realizing more people felt the same way as me was comforting and helped me see that it isn’t impossible.
Graduating college is scary and no one knows what their next step is or even how to get there, but I can promise we will ALL get to where we are suppose to be if we remember one thing—never give up.

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